Simple email signature management for enterprises. Create, deploy, and manage personalized signatures in real-time without sacrificing security

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Employees create their own email signatures, risking brand and legal inconsistencies

With Templafy With Templafy

Easy creation and global distribution of best-in-class, professional email signatures

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IT spends too much time managing email signatures across applications and devices

With Templafy With Templafy

One platform to update and distribute all signatures, without the need for IT

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Organizations miss out on a vital marketing and revenue-generating channel

With Templafy With Templafy

Flexible campaign management designed for marketing and communications teams

Secure and scalable email signatures

Empower brand and marketing teams

Harness the power of GenAI

Templafy is powered by enterprise-grade security. We never meet industry standards when we can exceed them, delivering protection across every part of our platform.

We use our email signatures to push out marketing campaigns to customers and contacts. Updating them used to be a time-consuming manual task with inconsistent results. The new process is really quick and easy.

Jessica David
Marketing Executive at Condeco

Improve your marketing efforts and optimize your brand through email signatures

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