Every email signature is an opportunity. Now you can easily manage
company-wide email signatures, including social media icons, fonts, marketing banners, email disclaimers, etc., in real-time without sacrificing security.

Works in Outlook, Microsoft Office 365 and Gmail for Windows and Mac

On-brand and up-to-date brand consistency

Finally, no more DIY employee email signatures. Enable your entire organization to use email signatures that are perfectly branded with the latest colors, fonts, and marketing assets. 

Empower Marketing & Branding teams

The best email signature solution allows maintenance and roll-out of company-wide updates to the active directory — without needing additional tech support.

Secure and scalable email signature solution

Enterprise-level security that works across devices (including mobile devices). Our email signature management solution ensures emails are never rerouted outside of company servers.

  • Scheduled email signature marketing campaigns - Run seasonal marketing campaigns by scheduling changes to email signatures ahead of time. Marketing and creative teams can easily promote different assets for different teams and end users.
  • Flexible personalization at scale - Use one dynamic layout for your company’s different brands, locations, languages, and teams. Employees can toggle between different signature formats and preview before sending.
  • Easy creation of company email signatures - Centrally managed platform with HTML email signature generator and customizable email signature templates to ensure always up-to-date employee information and legal disclaimers.
  • Performance tracking - See how the links in your email signatures are performing. Optimize on the fly and turn every email signature design into a marketing opportunity.

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We can now change everyone’s email signature within minutes to include new campaign messaging, compliance information, or the most recent business-critical updates.

Chris Edwards
Marketing Director UK at PARK NOW Group

We use our email signatures to push out marketing campaigns to customers and contacts. Updating them used to be a time-consuming manual task with inconsistent results. The new process is really quick and easy.

Jessica David
Marketing Executive at Condeco

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