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Digital content and template management software that keeps all business documents, templates and digital assets compliant and easily accessible to every employee.

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Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Good enterprise content management (also known as intelligent information management) systems should cover the entire life cycle of a document from creation and approval to distribution. Templafy Library taps into the document workflow and solves common enterprise content management issues. Library provides direct access to business document templates, presentation templates, pre-made slides, text elements, images and icons – all right from within the applications employees are already using such as Word or other Microsoft Office applications.

BDO Norway

Our customers centralize their template and document management with Templafy

“After implementing Templafy, all our employees have the same set of templates at hand when creating documents and presentations. This leads to a more consistent and professional profile, and ensures that our brand is easily recognized.”

Caroline Wilander,
Marketing Manager,
BDO Norway
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Templafy Library

Why Customers Use Templafy Library

All enterprises have multiple enterprise content management (ECM) technologies in their IT infrastructure. Document management and digital asset management are commonly known parts of ECM systems, but Templafy is something completely new. Templafy can help streamline all documents your employees produce and integrate document management and digital asset management systems seamlessly into the document creation workflow.

Simple administration – Centralize all document asset and template management into one platform. Easily update and deploy corporate content and manage access rights online with no need to disturb IT.

Distribution and access – Business documents, slides, images, text elements and other digital assets are available directly inside of the applications employees are using such as Word.

Works everywhere – Templafy runs across all devices and platforms.

Plays well with others – Templafy can make all the enterprise content management tools your organization uses to create documents available in one place.


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These features make Templafy the essential Enterprise content management software

Document Asset and Template distribution

• Library provides direct access to document and presentation templates, pre-made slides, text elements, images and icons – all right from where employees already work.

• All digital assets and text elements needed to create on-brand and legally compliant business documents and presentations available in one place, such as within Microsoft Office applications.

• Up-to-date content available to all business units and office locations through a centralized, cloud-based administration system.

• Contextualized asset libraries let employees reuse best-practice templates, insert text elements into documents or emails, slides into presentations and images into documents, presentations and emails.

• Each employee can only access and search for the content they need or have permission to use.

Enterprise content management in the cloud – Templafy Works Everywhere

• Library works on PC, Mac and on all tablets and smartphones supporting iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

• Library’s task pane lives right inside PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Outlook via Office add-ins.

• Works online and offline so that employees can easily create on-brand work in the office or on-the-go.

• Templafy automatically synchronizes pre-defined corporate templates and assets to each employee’s desktop once they switch to offline mode.

Integrate With Other Enterprise Content Management Tools – Templafy Plays Well With Others

• Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office, Office 365, SharePoint Online, OpenOffice, iWorks, LibreOffice, OneDrive for Business and Google Drive.

• Can be configured and customized to meet the needs of any global organization, no matter the size and complexity of existing IT infrastructures.

• Library has out-of-the-box integrations with cloud-based Digital Asset Management Systems, making your images, logos, icons and infographics directly accessible within each employee’s Office applications.

• Any digital assets stored on third-party platforms can be made available in Templafy as long as your provider has a well described API.

Centralize document template management – Simple Administration

• Easy to use – Centralized administration is maintained and managed in one simple web interface and accessible from any device or location.

• Content management – Business templates and digital assets are easily updated and published by administrators across the entire organization in real-time, empowering those responsible for brand and compliance governance to regain control.

• User role management – Full control of authentication methods, user access rights, and embedded audit trails throughout the platform.

• Access management – detailed control over who has access to which templates and other digital assets by adding filters to all components on a folder level to assign permission levels to individual employees, teams or entire departments.

• Filtering – Tags can be added to all components to help employees find the right templates and assets quickly.

• Integration management – Simple management of integrations to existing IT infrastructures and third-party content providers.

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