Enterprise content management solution 

Teams can focus on the big picture when content management is simple

Templafy supports the entire life cycle of a business document

Templafy optimizes the document creation workflow from creation, approval to distribution. It solves common enterprise content management by leveraging the entire IT infrastructure of the company. 

Templafy’s platform, within minutes, updates documents across entire organizations, keeps everyone on-brand and compliant by default, and provides intuitive access to all company brand assets right from where it’s needed inside documents. 

Our solution is modular and can be customized to the specific needs of the enterprise and their document culture.  


Connect and manage the entire document ecosystems

Update and distribute in real-time

Get easy control over management and distribution of all company templates, documents, content assets, fonts and email signatures.

Speed up document creation 

Automation populates base templates using data from integrations, with governed company sources, including DAM, CRM, DMS, reducing the manual work.

Connecting content systems

Maintaining multiple content storage systems that do not speak to each other is resource-heavy and creates a complicated workflow for employees.

LRW uses Templafy to distribute branded sales materials to our teams in LA, NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, North Carolina and London. We may all be working remotely right now, but with Templafy we can all get the help we need and share materials together.

Lori Collins-Jarvis
VP Sales Enablement, LRW