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Global consumer brands are taking away the guesswork and ensuring employees always use the correct visual brand identity and information connected to a product or campaign, when creating presentations and documents.

How? With Templafy, branding and marketing teams can share digital assets with employeesglobally and be certain that they get the latest documents, images and product descriptions in literally seconds. Just by drag-and-drop functions, they can push out new brand identitiesproduct lines and campaigns to different departments. There’s no need to send internal emails or double check if people are using the latest versions, they automatically are.

"Employees now know that they are always using the latest version of the templates and everything is completely integrated into the Office package. This has been a huge advantage. And our administrators now have a user-friendly admin interface where we can instantly add and edit content globally. This is amazing!”

Kristian Lysgaard, Director of Corporate Communications, Pandora

Common challenges with document and content assets

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Brand team

Without an efficient setup for branding and marketing to share new and updated content with employees in multiple locations, there’s a lack of control regarding which branded assets are being used, by whom and how. Replacing outdated content is time-consuming and manual.

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The amount of available content assets is overwhelming and scattered across different platforms. This setup makes it difficult for employees to find and use the correct digital assets and brand guidelines they need for a specific market, product line or campaign.

Digital workplace manager

Relying on IT to push content updates to employees is resource heavy. Without an aligned way of working with brand assets, too much time is spent on tasks involving templates, presentations and documents. At the same time, the full potential of Office 365 has not been implemented yet.

Branded assets directly within PowerPoint, Word and Outlook

Employees access the correct visuals, slides and documents based on their role, location, brand and product line directly within Microsoft Office Suite. All the assets are accessible through an intuitive task pane. This increases productivity for the employees and gives the marketing and brand teams full control of managing multiple product lines and sub-brands.

How to manage multiple brands and distribute content fast, with Templafy

When branded assets are changing constantly due to seasons, campaigns and new product launches, Templafy supports brand teams and content managers to instantly share these assets with relevant employees in real-time.

Brand teams can modify, replace and structure the content through one centralized platform.

With Templafy, there’s no need for employees to switch between applications when creating presentations and documents. Employees access the most up to date visuals, text snippets and product stories directly within the applications they use the most, for example, Microsoft PowerPoint or Word. This increases efficiency and brand consistency on a global scale.

Templafy takes away the complexity of managing multiple brands, sub-brands and products by enabling a simple content structure of digital assets, and giving relevant teams access to the brands and products they work with.

The filtering of the content is controlled by admins and can be set up based on employee role, location and consumer segment.

Base templates are automatically populated with the correct logos, disclaimers, and information relevant to the employee creating the document or presentation. Employees can have multiple profiles if working under different brands, languages, or from different office locations.

Templafy integrates into existing document ecosystems – whether on-premise or already in the cloud. The modern, secure and evergreen technology’s user-friendly design is controlled by non-IT admins, reducing the burden on IT resources by up to 95%.*

Multi-brand management and global content sharing in a click

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Checklist: Employees as brand ambassadors

Checklist: Employees as brand ambassadors

When it comes to brand consistency, one huge, and often underestimated, potential lies in how easy it is for employees to find correct and up to date visuals, templates, slides and product descriptions. The question is: how can you and your team help employees to spread the brand value, by using the brand assets in an efficient and consistent way?

In this checklist we focus on three main rules:

  • How employees use the brand and work with it.
  • Why every touchpoint with the brand matters.
  • How to eliminate off-brand with automation.

Access the checklist here.

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