Making it into the Top 500 most valuable brands globally is an achievement that shows a company who understands the value of brand investment.

The question is: how can you and your team help employees to spread the brand value, by using the brand and brand assets in an efficient and consistent way? Learn how to get started with our checklist.

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Accelerate the return on brand investment

Your employee base plays a huge part of your brand. Start by looking inside the business and accelerate the return on investment by empowering everyone to be brand ambassadors.

Your employees do love the brand, but not all know how to use it. Most of the interaction they are having with the brand is when they are producing and reusing different brand assets. On a day-to-day basis this can be creating proposals, contracts and presentations.

Get expert advice on how to empower employees as brand ambassadors

Watch the video and receive expert advice from Christian Lund, Co-founder of Templafy, on what to consider to make the most of your brand investment:

  • Simple access: Are your brand assets where your employees work?
  • Assisted assembly: How are your employees working with the brand? Are the current setup and processes supporting correct brand usage?
  • Validate: How are your employees updating and reusing documents, templates, emails and visuals?

Make the brand accessible for all employees

There’s a way to help all employees to use your brand to its best potential in all documents, presentations, emails, and visuals.

If you’re not doing it already, ensure that you spread this brand value throughout your organization. Making the brand accessible to everyone is crucial to protecting the investment.

At Templafy, we work with some of the biggest brands in the world, helping them to utilize the massive opportunity that lies in their employees as brand ambassadors.

Guest: David Haigh

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