Intelligent Information Management

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What is the definition of Intelligent Information Management?

The definition of Intelligent Information Management (IIM) is: a set of processes and underlying technology solutions that enable organizations to manage their data. IIM is a term which refers to how both content and data are managed within organizations. Through IIM, a variety of unstructured data and content can be handled in a sophisticated manner.

The IIM definition covers:

  • Strategies, methods and tools used to handle data.
  • The combined management of unstructured and structured content.
  • Creating, capturing, automating, delivering, securing and analyzing content for organizational purposes.


Intelligent Information Management developed out of Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is defined as the organization of company content in a way that is easy to find, and relevant for the user. However, this term is limited as it can only explain the management of content, and does not take the related data into account. ECM is also unable to handle unstructured information, which organizations produce in increasingly large amounts.

Intelligent Information Management is an advanced version of ECM, which handles the management of this data alongside the management of content. Through IIM, the entire lifecycle of content, from its creation, to distribution, storage, and use, up to archiving, is managed and easily accessible.

IIM and digital transformation

Intelligent Information Management is an important part of digital transformation

Ongoing digital transformation has meant that content services have been modernized, and content software is becoming cloud-based. As this technology has evolved, it has become apparent that the amount of data which organizations have to handle is extremely large, and growing on a daily basis.

This data also takes the form of different types of content, adding to the difficulty in managing it. In order to effectively utilize this vast amount of information and content, there must be systems in place which allow large and complex datasets to be manageable. IIM is the way in which this happens.

IIM benefits

What are the benefits of Intelligent Information Management?

IIM allows company content and data to be easily organized and accessible. Through indexing and filing elements, users can quickly and easily find information through searching with keywords, reducing the time spent accessing content. IIM technology also integrates with other software systems that organizations are using, resulting in an aligned workflow, which is both easy to use, and encourages use of other systems. IIM also offers tracking and analytics services, providing huge benefits to organizations as they are able to show what data is being used where.

IIM is focused on helping organizations better understand and use their content and data, across the entire company. As a result of having this knowledge, organizations can utilize and optimize their content. It also makes content easier to access, saving time. IIM is a forward-facing software, which anticipates ongoing digital transformation, and is built with the intention to expand with the increasing data and content challenges that result from this. It is also focused on usability, and ensuring that employees across the organization find it easy to use.

The Templafy platform

Templafy is also a future-facing platform which serves your content needs amid ongoing digital transformation

IIM was developed as a result of a need for organizations to keep up with the changing landscape caused by digital transformation. Digitizing core business processes in a manner than automates compliance and governance is at the core of successful digital transformation. Templafy’s software also plays a part in this by providing a centralized template management system.

Through the Templafy platform, all document templates and digital assets can be accessed through a central, cloud-based location, and also from within the applications that employees work in, such as Microsoft Office. This benefits organizations as employees can work from any location or device, and still access the content that they require. Through admin control, users can only access the content that is directly relevant to them, and can also be sure that they are always working from the most up to date and relevant version, aiding compliance and productivity. Templafy also integrates with other solutions used by your organization, such as DMS, DAM and CRM, meaning that a complete digital content management system can be accessed. Templafy is a future-facing evergreen solution, enabling organizations to manage their content in an efficient and simple to use manner.

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