Learn how global AEC firms can enable more efficient and higher quality creation, collaboration, distribution, and management of business documents across their organizations. 

As the AEC industry embraces digitalization creating new efficiencies and enhanced productivity, document generation will serve to keep projects on time and at cost through a greater end-user experience, stakeholder alignment and enable people and teams to create high-performing business documents faster. 

Increase productivity across the supply chain

Serve teams the exact content they need within the applications they already work in to efficiently create high-performing business documents and eliminate wasted time, resources, and value chain fragmentation.

Decrease time and cost

With connected workflows, keep projects on time and control costs with effortless collaboration across projects and business units – keeping designers, engineers, contractors, and sub-contractors on the same page with real-time data on content usage. 

Further develop the digital workforce

Unlock value across the AEC enterprise. Templafy’s cloud solution integrates with existing document and content technologies, allowing AEC firms to build scalable digital workplaces while accelerating business performance.  

The biggest change overall since implementing Templafy is an increased feeling of control over the documents and presentations used throughout Ramboll. It has become very easy for employees to use the most up-to-date slides and presentation layouts.

Roos Nederveen
Roos Nederveen
Senior Consultant, Corporate Branding, Ramboll

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