Template management in Office 365

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a cloud-based suite of productivity apps, which offers similar applications to those found in Microsoft Office. The crucial difference is that Office 365 is designed for online use. Users can access the applications that they are familiar with through an online platform instead of being reliant on the device that they are using. Office 365 enables easier accessibility for everyone working within the Office suite, and it also enhances collaboration because multiple users can work on the same document simultaneously. For these reasons, many enterprise organizations are migrating their workplaces to Office 365.

The benefits of using Office 365 include:

  • Easy accessibility.
  • Real-time collaboration.
  • Available on multiple devices.
  • Enhances organization.
Template management in Office 365

Template management is an important tool for enterprises

Template management is the system of governing a company's document ecosystem based on a range of document templates. Through template management, employees will always have access to the most up-to-date versions of company document templates, assets, and more.

However, template management is complex and challenging to manage. Updating and distributing document templates is resource-heavy, particularly when companies have a lot of them, as it's a manual task to make changes to individual templates. Once updates are made to the document templates, they must be easily available to every relevant employee, which is a task that often requires IT involvement for company-wide distribution.

Once a template is updated, it may be a long time before it is deployed and can be used, and there is no way of ensuring that employees will remember to use the new version. Also, the template management systems need to be ones which employees will use; they must be easily accessible for end-users, and fit into their regular workflow. When this does not happen, the result is outdated and off-brand documents, which reflect negatively on the organization.

Benefits of Office 365

Template management is more efficient in the cloud

As a result of ongoing digital transformation, organizations are increasingly moving to the cloud. Cloud technology provides future-proof possibilities that empower global workforces. The benefits of Office 365 cloud migration are endless, and just one of them is the improved abilities it offers Office template management.

Through using a template management system based in the cloud (instead of an on-premise setup), Office templates are available to all users, regardless of device or location. Updates can also be administered centrally, and rolled out organization-wide, meaning that the latest templates can be found at all times. Although the process of transitioning to Office 365 can be complex, it enables templates to be used more efficiently, which saves time and aids productivity.

Templafy and Office 365

Templafy is a tool which optimizes workflows in Office 365

Templafy integrates seamlessly with Office 365, meaning Office templates are managed more effectively, and the documents produced are of better quality. As Templafy opens via a task pane in Office and Office 365 applications, it is accessed where employees are working and is a part of their regular workflow. Through providing document templates in a built-in task pane, Templafy ensures employees will always be able to use correct and up-to-date templates and document assets from within Office 365. As a result, Templafy’s template management is easy and intuitive to use and enhances employee productivity.

As more businesses move to the cloud, migrating Office templates is a way of ensuring that this step of digital transformation optimizes document creation enterprise-wide. Templafy’s other capabilities also support this as they allow storage, governance and access to all other elements needed for document creation. Additionally, Templafy integrates with multiple other systems that assist document creation, to strengthen the entire document ecosystem of an organization.

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