Migrating to Office 365?

- Don't forget templates and content

Migrating to Office 365 and the cloud can cause your current template management system to fail and your employees will lose access to the company templates and content. Templafy can help you avoid this.

The Challenges of Office 365 Migration

More and more companies are migrating to the cloud and Office 365.
In the process, the following issues must be taken into account:

1) Your current template system may stop working.

2) Your employees need access to company templates and content from all devices and platforms.

3) Maintaining and updating templates and content will be far more complex because of the many access points.

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Templafy Integrated in Microsoft Office

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Templafy Product Introduction

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How Can Templafy Help With Template Management in Office 365 and the Cloud?

It’s simple. Templafy embraces all platforms and devices. We can integrate Templafy as a SharePoint app in SharePoint Online, thereby giving access to templates and content directly from within the browser to the corporate templates and content, but also to existing users if the company wants to start embracing and foster the use of SharePoint Online.

When inside a document library, Templafy offers users a very intuitive, easy way to create a new document and place it in the right location, something that has always been a problem when working with Office and SharePoint. Users weren’t sure where to place the document, they simply didn’t understand how to save it back to SharePoint. That has become much easier with Templafy.

And in case you are using an iPad, Templafy is the way to go as well. You can just go into the browser, open Templafy and access the templates directly from there. Even though we support single sign-on, you will always be able to go to any PC and access the documents from there without having to bring your own device. That is definitely a huge advancement compared to the old days. Learn more about migrating your company templates to the cloud here.

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