PowerPoint templates for professional presentations

Stop fiddling with formatting. Focus on the important content and automate the rest. 

Use your time giving presentations, not making them 

Become a power user with improved editing tools and built-in content checks. With Templafy’s easy editing tools, you can build flawless presentations faster than ever before.

Templafy ensures that PowerPoint presentations are:

  • Created more efficiently in an optimized workflow.
  • On-brand and consistent with company standards.
  • Easily aligned and formatted to the highest professional standards.
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PowerPoint template management

Getting more from your PowerPoint templates, online or offline

With Templafy’s content enablement platform, content distribution is a simple task that does not require IT resources. Templafy offers centralized distribution and intuitive user access for company document templates, content, and technology.

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Document automation in PowerPoint 

Compile lengthy PowerPoint presentations fast with automation

Document automation software makes sure that employees spend time giving presentations, not making them. Templafy's smart automation in PowerPoint can compile lengthy decks in a few clicks using the most up-to-date slides and data.

Productivity tools

Powerful adjustment tools for PowerPoint presentations

Whether preparing a 10-minute talk or a 100-slide deck, become a power user with improved editing tools and built-in content checks.

Templafy’s productivity tools help professional PowerPoint users to create and deliver perfect presentations faster.

With custom-designed features and powerful adjustment tools in a handy toolbar inside PowerPoint, users enjoy increased efficiency, eliminate repetitive tasks and deliver professional results when creating large presentations.