Organizing your corporate PowerPoint templates the smart way

Templafy provides access to all company provided templates and document assets on all devices

access to corporate powerpoint tempaltes on all devices

Working with sophisticated corporate PowerPoint templates can be a time-consuming, frustrating hassle for employees that aren’t exactly design or tech savvy. With Templafy, creating engaging Microsoft PowerPoint templates becomes fast and easy. Templafy provides access to your company's asset library of best practice slides and on-brand content right within PowerPoint, no matter which device you use. To stay in line with corporate identity guidelines, Templafy gives notifications when out-of-date, non-compliant material is used.

Make employees look good with corporate PowerPoint templates

Well-designed corporate PowerPoint templates and documents can make your company stand out. Yet, working with PowerPoint templates can quickly pose a troublesome challenge – in the midst of a busy working day, many employees neither have the time nor possess the technical skills to create PowerPoint templates with that certain edge.

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Up-to-date PowerPoint presentations – every time

Pressed for time and left to their own resources, employees will possibly reuse outdated corporate PowerPoint templates that contain off-brand content. Don’t take that risk. With Templafy, keeping PowerPoint templates compliant becomes effortless and easy. Automatically adapting PowerPoint templates to each individual employee.

Templafy helps you transform a few generic templates built to match your company’s guidelines into thousands of personalized presentations and documents with the right look and feel, up-to-date company data, language and correct personal information – anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Employees using corporate powerpoint tempaltes to create presentations

Reuse and customize PowerPoint templates and ready made slides quickly

Integrated within PowerPoint, Templafy’s asset libraries allow employees to conveniently reuse or easily customize the most up-to-date company slides and add images, text elements, videos, etc. to their PowerPoint presentations quickly.

Templafy helps you save time with PowerPoint templates

Templafy stores all PowerPoint templates in one unified location for easy access and the ability to quickly search for the PowerPoint template you need. Fast to on-board and intuitive to use, Templafy is your one-stop source from which employees can pull and build new presentations while adhering to company brand and compliance guidelines.

Quickly roll out Up-to-date PowerPoint templates

With Templafy’s centralized administration platform, PowerPoint template updates become instantly available to all employees. Templafy automatically sends alerts when out-of-date, off-brand material is used so that it’s easy for employees to stay aligned with your company’s corporate identity.

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