Organizing corporate PowerPoint templates the smart way

access to corporate powerpoint tempaltes on all devices

Why are PowerPoint templates important to organizations?

PowerPoint is a highly used tool across enterprises, and PowerPoint templates are the key to quicker creation of correct and on-brand presentations. As large enterprises create many presentations, using templates ensures that these are correctly branded and clearly designed to enhance the subject matter.

Company-designed PowerPoint templates have the following benefits:

  • Quicker presentation creation.
  • More effective communication.
  • On-brand presentations every time.
  • Consistency across the organization.

Corporate PowerPoint templates

What are some of the difficulties with using PowerPoint templates?

Although templates make creating presentations a much better process, there are several difficulties associated with them. It can be difficult for employees to access templates, due to their storage place being inaccessible, or difficult to find. This often happens when employees are working from a variety of locations and devices and trying to locate templates stored in on-premise locations.

The process of updating PowerPoint templates is often cumbersome, and requires input from IT teams. As a result, templates which contain outdated branding or information can easily be used instead. Employees may also struggle to know how best to use presentation templates to enhance their work – with the freedom offered by fairly blank templates, it can be difficult to know how best to put information into them, and those who are not tech-savvy may struggle to use PowerPoint which can cost the company a lot of time.

Template management systems

Help employees make the most out of PowerPoint templates

Template management systems offer employees a way to organize their document templates, and ensure they at they are always accessible. Templafy provides access to your company’s asset library of best practice slides and on-brand content right within PowerPoint, no matter which device you use. To stay in line with corporate identity guidelines, Templafy gives notifications when out-of-date, non-compliant material is used.

Employees using corporate powerpoint tempaltes to create presentations


Create PowerPoint presentations more easily

Templafy offers more than just template management solutions. Through our Productivity modules, presentations are quick and simple to make. Presentations are automatically checked against 50 pre-defined rules set by the organization, ensuring that every brand element is as it should be. Through keyboard shortcuts, it is easier than ever to maneouvere shapes and images to ensure they are placed for optimum impact. With these useful aids, evern the least tech-savvy employee will be able to quickly create professional presentations.

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