PowerPoint templates for professional presentations

Accelerate the performance of presentations with advanced tools for PowerPoint online and offline.

Why are PowerPoint templates important to organizations?

PowerPoint is a highly utilized tool across enterprises, and PowerPoint templates are the key to quicker creation of correct and on-brand presentations. As large enterprises create many presentations, using templates ensures that these are correctly branded and clearly designed to enhance the subject matter.

Templafy ensures that PowerPoint presentations are:

  • Created more efficiently in an optimized workflow.
  • On-brand and consistent with company standards.
  • Easily aligned and formatted to the highest professional standards.
PowerPoint template management

Getting more from your PowerPoint templates, online or offline

Although templates make creating presentations a much better process, there are several difficulties associated with them. Common issues with managing PowerPoint templates include making the correct templates easily accessible to the right employees and maintaining a fast distribution of updated templates.

With Templafy’s cloud-based template management platform, distribution is a simple task that does not require IT resources. Templafy provides access to your company’s asset library of best-practice templates, slides and on-brand content, from anywhere and on any device, right where they’re working inside the PowerPoint application.

Productivity tools

Create professional PowerPoint presentations faster

Templafy’s productivity tools help professional PowerPoint users to create and deliver perfect presentations faster. With custom-designed features and powerful adjustment tools in a handy toolbar inside PowerPoint, users enjoy increased efficiency, eliminate repetitive tasks and deliver professional results when creating large presentations.

A Check button in the toolbar provides an instant way to check presentations against up-to 40-pre-defined rules to ensure content, format and layout are on-brand. And an automatic validation feature checks company slides to ensure the latest approved version is always used, even on old presentations reopened from desktop.