How Templafy Secures an On-Brand and Productive Document Culture

across all company documents, presentations and emails

Templafy Product Features

  • Template & Content Access
  • Dynamic Personalization
  • Document Automation
  • Brand & Content Validation
  • Email Signature Manager

Aggregate Access With Library

All business document templates and digital assets brought close to every employee

Distribution and access – Business document templates, slides, images, text elements and other digital assets are available directly where everyone needs them.

Works everywhere – Templafy runs across all devices and platforms.

Plays well with others – Templafy integrates seamlessly with all IT infrastructures.

Simple administration – Easily update and deploy corporate content and manage access rights online with no need to disturb IT.

Distribution and Access

• Library provides direct access to business document templates, presentation templates, pre-made slides, text elements, images and icons – all right from where employees already work.

• A one-stop-shop access point for everything needed to create on-brand and legally compliant business communications right within Microsoft Office applications.

• Centralized cloud-based content distribution throughout your organization to different business units and office locations.

• Contextualized asset libraries let employees reuse static best-practice templates (see also, Dynamics templates), insert text elements into documents or emails, slides into presentations and images into documents, presentations and emails.

• Each employee can only access and search for the content they need or have the permission to use.

Works Everywhere

• Library works on PC, Mac and on all tablets and smartphones supporting iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

• Library’s task pane lives right inside PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Outlook via Office add-ins.

• Works online and offline so that employees can easily create on-brand work wherever they need to, whether it’s in the office, on a flight or during a daily commute.

• Templafy automatically synchronizes pre-defined corporate templates and assets to each employee’s desktop once they switch to offline mode.

Plays Well With Others

• Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office, Office 365, SharePoint Online, OpenOffice, iWorks, LibreOffice, OneDrive for Business and Google Drive.

• Can be configured and customized to meet the needs of any global organization, no matter the size and complexity of existing IT infrastructures.

• Library has out-of-the-box integrations with cloud-based Digital Asset Management Systems, making your images, logos, icons and infographics directly accessible within each employee’s Office applications.

• Any digital assets stored on third-party platforms can be made available in Templafy as long as your provider has a well described API.

Simple Administration

• Easy to use – Centralized administration maintained and managed in one simple web interface and accessible from anywhere, requiring only the most basic tech skills.

• Content management – Business templates and digital assets are easily updated and published by administrators across the entire organization in real-time, empowering those responsible for brand and compliance governance to regain control.

• User role management – Full control of authentication methods, user access rights, and embedded audit trails throughout the platform.

• Access management – detailed control over who has access to which templates and other digital assets by adding filters to all components on a folder level to assign permission levels to individual employees, teams or entire departments.

• Filtering – Tags can be added to all components to help employees find the right templates and assets quickly.

• Integration management – Simple management of integrations to existing IT infrastructures and third-party content providers.

Personalize Documents with Dynamics

Company templates automatically personalized with individual employee details

Dynamic templates – All company templates automatically adapt to individual employee profiles combining up-to-date company details and personal information.

Automated compliance – Legal disclaimers and branding dynamically applied to every document and presentation.

Multiple user profiles – Switch between profiles to work from different offices and regions or write on behalf of colleagues.

Simple administration – Easily update dynamic data such as company addresses, logos, language settings, legal disclaimers and employee details via a simple admin platform.

Dynamic Templates

• Every time an employee creates a document, Dynamics automatically individualizes the dynamic elements of the document template with that specific employee’s information and role in your organization.

• Typical examples of dynamic elements include address information, legal disclaimers, logos, user profile information, company-specific document data, applying the right color theme, translating documents and setting the correct spell-check language.

• Dynamics personalizes content regardless of whether the employee is creating the document directly from inside Microsoft Office or from the Templafy WebApp.

• With Dynamics, thousands of personalized documents can be automatically generated from a single template by all employees across the entire organization. This saves an organization from having to manage thousands of different document templates.

Automated Compliance

• Dynamics automates compliance by dynamically populating a base template with the correct logos, disclaimers and information relevant to the employee creating the document or presentation.

• Templates are automatically adjusted to account for multiple office locations, jurisdictions, languages and sub-brands.

• For enterprises, Dynamics is the smart way to centrally manage corporate identity investments and maintain visual and legal compliance on a global scale.

• For employees, Dynamics takes the compliance guesswork out of producing business communications because the document is populated automatically.

Multiple User Profiles

• User profiles dynamically generate personalized documents based on an employee’s personal information and company details like addresses, logos and legal disclaimers.

• If an employee needs to create documents on behalf of several departments or in different languages, they can easily set up multiple user profiles for those scenarios and apply the profile information needed to the document.

• Templafy also allows employees to search for public user profiles within their organization and subscribe to them to create documents using the public user profile information.

• Employees can reuse and instantly update documents and presentations stored on a desktop or created by others simply by applying a new user profile to that same old document.

Simple Administration

• Easy to use – Centralized administration maintained and managed in one simple web interface and accessible from anywhere, requiring only the most basic tech skills.

• With Templafy businesses can roll-out new visual identities, legal disclaimers and other core compliance updates instantly across an entire organization, with no need to bother the IT team.

Dynamic company data such as addresses, logos, legal disclaimers, language settings etc. can be stored in data sources on the administration interface and updated directly through a web editor or by using Excel.

• Data sources are used to identify what content to insert into the dynamic fields of a document or presentation and are assigned to each template by administrators as plugins and forms.

• User profiles can be auto-generated by integrating to an organization’s Active Directory so employees do not have to do this step manually. Employees simply need to counter-check the pre-populated information and save their profile in the system.

Automate Document Workflows with Builder

Streamlined production of company compliant contracts, proposals and sales collateral

Document automation – Employees easily customize complex documents via simple questionnaires.

Building blocks – Contextualized and centrally managed text elements, slides, charts, tables etc. are easily found and added in just the right place.

Simple administration – Easily setup document workflows through bookmarks and update and deploy company content online, with no need to disturb IT.

Document Automation

• When it comes to building complex documents, Builder saves time by automating and streamlining document creation workflows based on certain choices employees make.

• Administrators can set up advanced document templates, e.g. contracts or proposals, so that employees are guided through simple options to automatically build the document tailored for a specific purpose.

• With Builder, enterprises are able to ensure a very strict level of governance and quality assurance on complex documents created by Sales and Legal departments.

• Employees are able to easily create highly complex documents with Builder and trust that they are using the most up-to-date document content.

Building Blocks

• Templafy helps employees assemble business documents by constantly displaying relevant content through contextualized asset libraries.

• The asset libraries only display content approved for that employee and which makes sense for the document or presentation being created.

• Builder helps employees avoid wasting unnecessary time finding the right templates and content to build documents and then running checks to ensure visual and legal compliance (or even worse, not checking compliance at all).

• Based on a single Word template serving as a “skeleton”, Templafy helps enterprises distribute multiple Build templates, unique to each employee, by specifying which text building blocks from the Library should go into the body of the Base Template.

Simple Administration

• Easy to use – Centralized administration maintained and managed in one simple web interface and accessible from anywhere, requiring only the most basic tech skills.

• Document automation – Document workflows are easily configured in a Wizard by administrators, empowering those responsible to streamline document creation workflows.

• Content management – Updating one base template can have an instant effect on hundreds of composite templates created from it. Updating one text element used across those can have the same efficient effect vice versa, which makes Template Management and Document Assembly even easier for administrators.

Validate Documents and Content With BrandChecker

A quick fix for off-brand company documents, presentations and obsolete content

Brand validation – Brand assets like fonts, company colors and logos are automatically checked for compliance and updated accordingly.

Content validation – When a document is reused from an employee’s desktop, all document content is automatically validated against the latest versions published by administrators in Templafy.

Simple administration – Easily update and deploy brand assets and company content online with no need to disturb IT.

Brand Validation

• Regardless of a branding or compliance team’s best efforts, it’s inevitable that employees will reuse old documents and presentations from their desktop. This usually leads to off-brand and potentially legally incompliant documents.

• BrandChecker bridges the gap, allowing employees to reuse old documents but notifying them if any brand assets like fonts, color themes or logos are off-brand or outdated.

• For employees, BrandChecker acts like a branding safety net, helping them get back on track in a matter of seconds and to stay-on brand at all times.

• For enterprises, BrandChecker does the brand policing in employee documents so that branding teams don’t have to.

Content Validation

• When it comes to text elements used inside existing documents or presentations Templafy detects where things are wrong, outdated or not compliant with the latest legal standards and alerts employees instantly.

• Templafy provides employees an easy quick-fix to update text elements that are available online in a newer version with one click only to get them back on track and be compliant in a matter of seconds.

• For enterprises, Templafy helps to enforce legal compliance standards, even in documents that were created in the past.

Simple Administration

• Easy to use – Centralized administration maintained and managed in one simple web interface and accessible from anywhere, requiring only the most basic tech skills.

• Content management – Text elements and brand assets like logos, color themes and fonts are easily updated and published by administrators across the entire organization in real-time, empowering those responsible to gain back control of brand and compliance governance.

Deploy Email Signatures and Campaigns With Email Signature Manager

Centralized brand-governance in every single email

Email signature governance – Centrally manage on-brand, compliant and personalized email signatures company-wide.

Designed for enterprise-level security – Your emails don’t leave your security walls unnecessarily. Signatures are added without emails being sent to third-party servers.

Compliance automation – Ensure up-to-date and jurisdiction specific legal disclaimers appear in every email signature.

Campaign management – Launch marketing campaigns in email signatures for certain groups or across the entire organization.

Automatic formatting – Govern the use of fonts and formatting in every single email.

Simple administration – Easily update and deploy email signatures, campaigns and disclaimers online.

Email Signature Governance

• Templafy provides a cloud-based solution, hosted on Microsoft Azure, to manage enterprise email signatures for Microsoft Outlook and Office 365.

• Unlike other email signature solutions, Templafy’s Email Signature Manager adds the signature without your emails being sent to third-party servers outside your control.

• It’s easy to govern and to deploy email signature content and designs in real-time across a multitude of employees, business units, locations, brands, and languages, regardless of the device the emails are sent from.

• Using Email Signature Manager, each employee’s emails can now contain correct contact information, approved brand elements, marketing messages and legal disclaimers.

• Templafy’s deep integration with Office 365 makes authentication and filtering via Azure AD exceptionally easy.

Compliance Automation

• Based on an employee’s user profile information, Templafy automatically creates personalized email signatures with compliant company information and visual identity.

• Employees are automatically prompted to preview their email signatures and update any off-brand elements, avoiding embarrassing double sign-offs or outdated and inaccurate information
• Employees can use shared mailboxes to have different personalized email signatures.

• Relevant legal disclaimers are automatically up-to-date and jurisdiction specific for every employee and are added by default below every email signature.

Campaign Management

• Templafy allows enterprises to include individualized marketing messages in employee email signatures. This often overlooked brand touchpoint can strengthen relationships with existing customers and drives new business.

• Templafy provides granular governance of time-controlled marketing campaigns around email signatures. Different campaigns can run in different regions or parts of the organization for certain periods of time. For example, a UK holiday campaign deployed only in emails sent from the UK office and for only that holiday period.

• It is possible to create two different types of campaigns: top campaigns (displaying above the signature) and bottom campaigns (displaying below the signature) that are both applied to new (and reply emails) based on pre-defined time-frames and valid email domains.

Automatic Formatting

• The formatting in every single email can be easily governed and distributed across the entire organization in real-time.

• With the Font Settings editor it is possible to apply fonts, font sizes, and font colors for new and reply emails which are applied to the email body and the signature.

• Setting the email font in Templafy corresponds to setting the signature and stationery font in Outlook options.

Simple Administration

• Easy to use – Centralized administration maintained and managed in one simple web interface and accessible from anywhere, requiring only the most basic tech skills.

• You can forget manually rolling out email signature designs and global brand updates across the entire organization.

• Administrators have access to an HTML editor where they can create, edit and preview the signature content with HTML markup and inline styles.

• Marketing campaigns and legal disclaimers can be set up for specific time frames and user profiles based on emails, Active Directory group claims or company data sources.

• Getting an organization up and running on Templafy with Microsoft Azure, Outlook and Office 365 requires very little configuration and can be done within 48-hours.

• Templafy provides the option of having best-practice, up-to-date company email templates and approved images accessible in Outlook through the Templafy task pane (see the Library module).

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