The smart solution

One product to manage and share all your company templates.
It’s the smart solution for handling document anarchy.

Fast, easy and mobile

Up and running in just a few simple steps.

Step 1

The admin easily uploads templates and company data.

Step 2

Templafy organizes all the data and prepares each template, adapting logos, languages and profile information for every employee.

Step 3

The user selects a template in the interface and Templafy pulls in all relevant personal data and applies the correct visual and legal standards.

Step 4

From any device, the user loads the customized business document directly into their preferred office platform.

Features built with the user in mind

No installation necessary

With everything stored in the cloud, documents, presentations, images and other assets don’t require synchronization to desktops, but add-ins to Word, PowerPoint and Excel can be installed locally to help your company work faster.

A superior user experience

Enable employees to achieve more with less hassle by empowering them to produce professional work with impact, without the need for digital or design skills.

Content kept

All template updates are instantly available for all employees, with users alerted if any company assets like logos or disclaimers need to be changed when they open old documents – even when they're saved to their desktops.

Fast, easy, mobile

Compatibility with any device and platform ensures employees are always connected, no matter which time zone or location they’re working from.

Future proof

Using highly sophisticated technology, Templafy is prepared for your eventual future migrations to cloud-based platforms like Office 365 or Google Drive. As these platforms evolve, we evolve with them.

Asset libraries

Let users reuse best-practice company slides, images, text, videos, etc., saving time while staying on-brand.

An enterprise solution

High scalability and availability for any organization, regardless of its size or scope. Templafy’s cloud-based system removes distribution challenges, ensuring templates are always available to all users.

Responsive and intuitive

Help users increase speed and flexibility through easy search functions and by automatically delivering content based on their actions.

Protected technology

Security needs of large businesses taken care of. No proprietary information or content is stored in the cloud, just templates and the necessary company data that’s only accessible through authentication.

Simple administration

Accessible from multiple platforms and maintained and administrated in one simple web interface, requiring only the most basic tech skills.


Configurable features bring all the dynamics you need to facilitate multiple designs, languages, locations and regulatory requirements.

Office app integrations

Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office, Office 365, SharePoint, One Drive and Google Drive.

Stats & Analytics

Analyze which templates or content are the most popular and post this information to users, helping you to better understand their needs.

Access control

Assign permission levels to individual employees, teams or whole departments and control in detail who has access to which templates, documents and content.


Avoid sending excess mass emails by instantly notifying all or only some users through Templafy whenever relevant templates or content is posted.


Easily adapt Templafy’s interface with your company’s look and feel and embedded user guidance.

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Who needs it

Brand teams

Templafy provides an end-to-end solution to keeping your company on-brand, with you in control of the visual alignment of the tons of business documents your employees produce and share every day:

When to implement
  • Ensure greatest brand consistency in all communication material – both internal and external.
  • Roll-out new brand templates and updates to the whole organization in minutes.
  • Significantly increase speed and efficiency by minimizing manual updates.
  • Monitor usage, measure your results, and communicate directly with users.
  • Manage it all through one simple interface, lessening the need for IT involvement.

Compliance teams

Templafy eases the management of brand compliance by efficiently ensuring all employees produce contracts and legal documents that are current and valid, especially as companies grow beyond national boundaries:

When to implement
  • Control who has access to what and address any issues or updates immediately.
  • Easily manage the legal compliance of an increasingly mobile workforce, even as staff access documents from a growing number of applications and devices.
  • Oversee and handle the requirements of multiple regulatory frameworks from one interface.
  • Perform your job with less hassle, secure in the knowledge that employees have a tool that automatically keeps them playing by the rules.

IT teams

Templafy minimizes some of the challenges faced as companies worldwide become more dependent on IT to drive their business, allowing you to easily implement a document management strategy in a multi-device, mobile-first, cloud-first environment.

When to implement
  • Developed with a great focus on security across the application, infrastructure and processes.
  • Efficiently meets enterprise demands for high scalability and availability.
  • Integrates into existing enterprise applications – and increases their manageability and usability. 
  • Simple user-provisioning and on-boarding through authentication and SSO against Azure AD, ADFS, Open ID Connect, OAuth and other Identity management providers. 
  • Supports a globally distributed infrastructure.