Build perfect regulatory documents faster

The pharmaceutical industry generates reports and protocols compliant to the standards of regulators like FDA and ENA. Templafy helps automate the production of regulatory documents, minimizing the time spent on repetitive tasks.

Speed up the creation of regulatory documents by automating compliance

Cut the repetitive parts of document creation

Employees in the life sciences industry spend a lot of time compiling documents that satisfy the increasing demands of regulators. Templafy is the solution that can bring the correct information to the employee at the right time in the document creation process.

  • Instant access to content and assets for documents through document creation applications.
  • Automated building control of the standardized sections of documents.
  • Connectivity with other systems in document creation.

Integrate with your DMS, RIM and other content management applications

Templafy has strong integrations with document creation applications and can be connected to any other application in your document management ecosystem

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Cloud based template document assembly
Centrally manage all assets needed in document creation

Take your regulatory information management to the next level

By centralizing the management of regulatory document templates and connecting them with relevant data sources, companies can update required document information in real-time across all templates using specific data points. This mitigates the risk for errors and saves time for everyone in the document management and creation process.

Through Templafy’s platform, you can manage and distribute everything you need in document production across the organization; document and presentation templates, text elements, images, graphs, ready-made slides, PDFs and spreadsheets.

Coloplast’s IT resources have become available again for tasks that matter. And using Templafy, employees can focus on what they’re best at while always being on-brand and compliant when working in Word and PowerPoint.

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