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Manage every aspect of business document creation

The Admin Center puts manageability at the core of document ecosystems. Get easy control over management and distribution of all company templates, document assets, fonts and email signatures. Strengthen IT infrastructures and deliver more value with secure integrations to existing document content applications.


Every company is unique in how they use documents. Templafy's modular design means you select the modules that tailor to your company's needs.

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Unify your document ecosystem

Connect the programs you use for intelligent and secure document workflows, from creation to storage.

  • Templafy's platform unifies entire document and content management infrastructures. 
  • Strong integrations maximize the usage of integrated systems and promote intuitive workflows.
  • Our open API means you can build custom integrations.

Individual needs require custom solutions. Get in touch today and one of our experts will guide you through the ideal solution for your company.


Intuitive access to all document assets and templates

Templafy's Library provides one-click access to all company document assets from inside document creation applications.

  • Find company templates, presentations, slides, slide collections, text elements, icons, and images.
  • Real-time updates ensure up-to-date, on-brand and compliant assets. Library is available offline and is accessible on all devices.

Automate intelligence in document creation

Dynamics automation speeds up document, presentation, and email creation, introduces auto-compliance, and eliminates the need to maintain large numbers of templates.

Automatically personalized documents

Base templates automatically populate with the correct logos, disclaimers, metadata and information based on the user profile.

Employees can have multiple profiles if working under different brands, languages, or from different offices. The adaptability of base templates means fewer templates to maintain.

Automate complex document assembly

The intelligent automation in Dynamics builds documents quickly and correctly.

  • Answers to gating questions trigger the intelligent automation to pull up-to-date company content into the documents and emails.
  • Employees drastically cut time spent repeatedly building complex documents such as customer service emails, NDAs, and HR contracts.

Automate compliant metadata information

Automatically populate metadata in every business document created across the company.

  • Apply custom XML into templates and prefill metadata from systems like SharePoint and DMS applications.
  • All documents classified at the point of creation in accordance with your security policies.

Automate presentation building process 

Automation in PowerPoint can compile lengthy presentations in a few clicks using the most up-to-date slides and data.

  • Lengthy presentations, such as quotes, pitch decks or monthly reports are assembled quickly and accurately using only the latest company slides and slide collections, ensuring fast production of on-brand, accurate presentations.
  • Updates made in the Admin Center to key company slides are automatically reflected in any decks where they have been inserted, ensuring all presentations are kept up-to-date.

Every PowerPoint
slide kept up-to-date

Validator checks older and reopened slides for updates. Validator keeps an eye on slides that have been flagged as important by the company. Presentation slides stay up-to-date after they have been locally saved and later opened for re-use.


Presentations that check themselves

  • Check for PowerPoint checks presentations against up-to 40 pre-defined rules and ensures that the content, format, and layout are on-brand with the latest company standards.
  • Scan the presentation for errors and inconsistencies and get an overview of issues in the Templafy task pane. Use the Fix button to amend the presentation fast.

Productivity tools for
PowerPoint super-users

50+ ways to save time using custom-made editing tools for pro-PowerPoint presentations. Use powerful tools designed specifically for the most commonly utilized adjustments.


​Share, collaborate and gain actionable insights for optimized document performance

  1. Share & collaborate anywhere - Easily share documents with and collect feedback from colleagues or external recipients — no email attachments, no size limits.
  2. Dashboards with real-time tracking - Get notifications when people use your content and see a full overview in your document dashboard.
  3. Enterprise-ready & secure - Integrate Templafy into your IT infrastructure without sacrificing security. Templafy’s enterprise-level security works across all devices.

Manage and deploy email signatures without IT

Templafy's Email Signature Manager is designed for enterprise with security and usability in mind.

  • It addresses the most common compliance issues in email signature design and legal disclaimers. There is no rerouting of emails outside of company servers.
  • The feature makes the management of multiple signatures for individual users easy. It also comes with a user-friendly marketing signature campaign feature that marketing departments can fully control.

Font distribution in a click

Instantly distribute fonts globally to employees without requiring IT resources.

  • Set up and specify automatic deployment of the correct font to employees through user-group control.
  • The correct company fonts are available as soon as users log into their computers or devices.

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