Templafy platform

Centralize your entire document engine with Templafy. Browse our modules and design a solution that fits your enterprise’s needs

Tailor Templafy’s document solutions to fit your company’s unique needs. From document automation to GenAI, you select the solutions that work best for your enterprise.

Connect all of your document programs to streamline workflows – from content creation, through to document storage.

  • Unify your entire document and content management infrastructure
  • Deliver intuitive workflows by seamlessly integrating with the tools you already use
  • Build custom integrations with your preferred AI

Centralize access to company assets and templates

Dynamic template automation speeds up document, presentation, and email creation, removing the need to maintain large numbers of templates

With dynamic base templates, the correct logos, legal disclaimers, metadata, and information is automatically inserted based on the specific user profile.

Employees can have multiple profiles if working under different brands, languages, or from different offices.

The adaptability of base templates means fewer master templates to maintain.

Simplify your document assembly

Automate compliant metadata information

GenAI that's built to scale

Optimize GenAI for productivity and safety

From old templates to new ones in seconds

Automatically check older and reopened slides for updates.

Validator keeps an eye on slides that have been flagged as important by the company. Presentation slides stay up-to-date after they have been locally saved and later opened for re-use.

Presentations that check themselves

Individual needs require custom solutions. Get in touch today and one of our experts will guide you through the ideal solution for your company

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Manage and deploy email signatures without IT

Empower brand and marketing teams

Instantly distribute fonts globally to employees without requiring IT resources.

  • Set up and specify automatic deployment of the correct font to employees through user-group control
  • The correct company fonts are available as soon as users log into their computers or devices

Work with your favorite tools

The content you need, when you need it, in the places you're already working

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