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Future-facing cloud technology

One platform to connect every aspect of document creation

Templafy’s technology is a cloud-born SaaS platform. It has the flexibility to integrate into existing document ecosystems – whether on-premise or already in the cloud. Templafy boosts company productivity by introducing centralized governance to the document creation workflow.

  • Instantly distribute content and assets for documents through a centralized platform.
  • Reduce the burden on IT and put document asset control in the hands of content managers.
  • Support your employees at every step of business document creation.
Admin Center

Templafy begins in Admin

Gain full control of your document management ecosystem from the Admin Center. Manage all company templates, document assets, fonts, and email signatures, and integrate to your existing content management IT infrastructure. Distribute to employees in real-time from the cloud without the need for IT resources. Role-based access control means each employee has assigned privileges and a personalized experience.

Add modules to the Admin Center that fit your enterprise’s needs.

Add modules

Templafy is fully customizable 


Find all templates and assets available in document creation apps


Automate document creation with dynamic templates and automatically inserted company content


Keeps an eye on presentation slides that have been flagged as important by the company

Check for PowerPoint

Check presentations for inconsistencies in content, formatting and layout


Adjust and unify with advanced productivity tools for presentations

Font Distributor

Auto-deploy fonts based on user profiles across whole organizations

Email Signature Manager

Centrally manage and deploy email signatures and campaigns globally


Access relevant document assets and templates exactly where it’s needed

The Library appears as a task pane embedded inside document creation apps – including email. It provides intuitive one-click-access to company document assets.

Find company templates, presentations, slides, text elements, icons, and images. Real-time updates at Admin level mean that assets are always up-to-date, on-brand, and compliant. The Library is also available offline and is accessible from PC, Mac, and on all tablets and smartphones.


Automate intelligence in document creation

Intelligent automation in Dynamics means templates automatically load with up-to-date company details and employee information. Three levels of filtering take account of variables specific to user profiles, including location, language, and brand.

From creating a one-page letter to a twenty-page contract, the intelligent automation behind Dynamics builds documents quickly and correctly, eliminating the need to maintain large numbers of templates.

Documents personalized dynamically

Automatically populate base templates with the correct logos, disclaimers, and information relevant to the individual creating the document or presentation. Employees can have multiple profiles if working under different brands, languages, or from different office locations.


Automate complex document assembly

Assemble documents using questionnaires and drastically cut time spent building complex documents. Based on the answers given, large, detailed documents – such as contracts or pricing quotes – are assembled with the latest company-approved content in Templafy. The dynamic assembly function ensures compliance with the latest company standards in a fast document creation process.

Learn more about document automation


Keep company presentations up-to-date

Validator keeps an eye on slides that have been flagged as important by the company. It ensures that presentation slides stay up-to-date after they have been locally saved and later reopened for re-use.

Slides enabled for validation in Templafy are detected by the Validator when reopening an old presentation. If there is a newer version of the slides in Templafy, the change is automatically detected, and the user is asked to review the updates.

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Check for PowerPoint

40 ways to check format, layout and content compliance

Check for PowerPoint checks presentations against up-to 40 pre-defined rules and ensures that the content, format, and layout are on-brand with the latest company standards.

Click the Check button to scan the presentation for errors and inconsistencies and get an overview of issues in the Templafy task pane. Use the Fix button to amend the presentation fast.


Adjust and unify content in presentations, faster

ProductivityPlus provides the user with custom-designed features for PowerPoint to increase efficiency when creating large presentations.

The ProductivityPlus task pane features powerful tools designed specifically for the most commonly utilized adjustments.

Learn more about ProductivityPlus

Email Signature Manager

Manage and deploy email signatures without IT

The Email Signature Manager is a cloud-based solution that operates within your enterprise security walls. It provides central management of all your enterprise’s email signatures including email campaigns, and deployment is an easy task that doesn’t require IT resources.

Employees with different user profiles who work under different brands, offices, and locations can switch between multiple signatures within the email body in a single click.

Learn more about Email Signature Manager

Font distributor

Distribute company fonts direct to the end-user in one click

The Font Distributor puts font distribution control in the Templafy Admin Center. Admin users can instantly distribute fonts globally to employees without requiring IT resources.

With the Font Distributor, set up and specify automatic deployment of the correct font to employees through user-group control. The correct company fonts are available as soon as users log into their computers or devices. Setup is straightforward and easy to manage through the Admin Center.

Trusted by global enterprises

Over 400 businesses worldwide, including global enterprises with over 20,000 employees, use Templafy. Learn how some of our customers use Templafy here.