On brand, compliant and personalized
On brand, compliant and personalized

Templafy is the simple way to manage and share company templates. On-brand, compliant and personalized for each employee. It's an enterprise solution that won't gather dust.

How it worksHow it

Templafy automatically and dynamically adapts company templates for every employee, seamlessly creating thousands of personalized business documents and presentations with exactly the right look and feel. Stored in the cloud and available wherever you are, allowing you to take back control.

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Our solution
Personalized documents

Embrace the benefits

Visual and legal compliance

Ensures all current and future employee-produced business documents and presentations are up-to-date, on-brand and follow the rules.

All in one place

Gathers all required templates in one central location for quick access and painless search. A one-stop source from which to easily build new files.

Easy in every aspect

Fast to on-board, easy to use and efficient to manage. Our simple processes provide a better experience for all users and across all departments, to maximize adoption.

Built for big business

Multi-national, multi-language, multi-brand and multi-legal. A scalable system that’s tweaked to fit individual enterprise needs.

Readily available

Fits into existing IT infrastructure and visual identity, and available on all operating systems and devices. Accessed on the cloud as well, so you don’t have to wait until you’re back at your desk to act.


Developed with a great focus on security across the application, infrastructure and processes, with admins controlling who has access to what.

Who needs it?

A solution Communication and Compliance can control, and one IT can trust.

Brand teams

Templafy helps increase brand value by keeping all employee-produced business documents up-to-date and visually on-brand.

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Compliance teams

Templafy is the smart solution for managing legal compliance and efficiently ensuring all employees are playing by the rules.

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IT teams

Templafy is safe, scalable and personalized for all employees, across all technologies and devices, both in the cloud and on-premises.

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A trusted solutionA trusted

As part of the SkabelonDesign family, we’ve worked with more than 700 companies globally for more than 10 years.

As a digital finance specialist, data security and integrity is key. Nets capitalizes on Templafy’s superior security backend to power the production of documents for 2,750 users across 4 countries.

A global energy company with multiple IT infrastructures, Petrobras uses Templafy to maintain control over the numerous visual and legal requirements of the company templates.

Scandinavia’s largest rail transport company uses Templafy to take full advantage of the latest opportunities in Office 365, keeping documents on-brand for 8,600 users online and offline.

The world’s largest manufacturer of cigars – with 9,600 staff in 4 continents – profited from Templafy’s ability to manage both global and local updates of brand guidelines during their latest rebrand.