Templafy integrates with Bynder

Personalized company templates and all your digital assets right inside of any Office application

Digital asset management

What is Bynder?

Bynder is a SaaS digital asset management solution that offers users a secure cloud-based hub to store and derive value from all company digital assets — including graphics, documents, videos and branded content.

Integrating Bynder with Templafy allows all employees access images inside the most used document creation applications (Microsoft Office, Office 365 & G Suite)

Templafy integrated with Bynder

Increase the usage of Bynder assets by allowing access where it is needed

Templafy has a strong integration with Microsoft Office and G Suite applications. This allows employees access to all document templates and assets right in the environment where they work on presentations, emails and documents. Companies can integrate their digital asset management systems with Templafy’s intuitive user-interface and increase the usage of assets stored in other systems. Company can empower employees by providing easy workflows which leads into increased productivity and compliance.

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