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Templafy Integrates With Bynder

Personalized company templates and all your digital assets right inside of any Office application

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What is Bynder?

Bynder is a SaaS digital asset management solution that offers users a secure cloud-based hub to store and derive value from all company digital assets — including graphics, documents, videos and branded content.

What Does Bynder Offer?

– Bynder offers the ability to manage and distribute documents, images, videos and other digital media efficiently.
– It helps teams find the most up-to-date assets to share with colleagues and external stakeholders, such as agencies.
– Bynder also integrates with best-of-breed e-Commerce platforms, content management systems and project collaboration tools, allowing you to place your assets across many channels.

Bynder is an award-winning marketing software that allows brands to easily create, find and use content, such as documents, graphics and videos. More than 150,000 brand managers, marketers and creatives use Bynder’s brand portals every day to collaborate globally, produce, review and approve new marketing collateral, and circulate company content at the click of a button. Brands using Bynder go to market faster and achieve end-to-end brand consistency across all channels and regions, with simplified collaboration across the organization.

Bynder delivers the most advanced branding automation solution, empowering over 350 companies globally including KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Logitech, and AkzoNobel.


• Dynamic personalization for each individual user across an entire organization
• Access approved digital assets from Bynder more easily
• Quick access to approved content, streamlining document creation
• Users can find everything they need – don’t waste time searching
• Optimized productivity for document, system administrators and users
• Work remotely and still have access to all best-practice document templates


• Access your digital assets from Bynder inside of any Office application
• Distributes best-practice document templates, brand assets and text elements
• Compatible across all devices
• Automated compliance checks of documents
• Merges personal data and company details automatically into each document
• Templafy’s Email Signature feature

Templafy integrates with the office applications to automate brand compliance and streamline how users create or edit files.

Bynder empowers management of company assets, providing access to all content files via one centralized and easy-to-use portal.

Used together, employees get instant and easy access to all pre-apprived brand material, right where they need it.

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