With Cassio Cappelossa, Charles Swann and Chris Lewandowski

During this webinar, our expert panel covered the challenges and headwinds brand leaders currently face as they struggle to build their brands amongst distracted and empowered customers.

More importantly, they discussed approaches and strategies that cut through the noise to deliver value as teams shift from managing their brand as an asset to one that resonates and facilitates consistent growth in an era of remote workforces, social and cultural shifts.

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What's inside

Branding strategies that cut through the noise

  • Light blue triangleNew realities: turning your brand into a critical strategic asset in the customer experience age
  • Light blue triangleHow to develop and support the business case for brand investment
  • Light blue triangleDelivering a consistent experience across every touchpoint
  • Light blue triangleRebranding: when, why, and what kind fits for brand evolution
  • Light blue triangleProperly tracking and measuring brand value