Templafy is very happy to announce that we have joined forces with software company, Napp.

Using Napp's technology, we are adding document engagement and tracking to complete our existing document creation workflow. Engage and track are powerful new functions that will allow end-users to follow the journey of a document as it leaves their hands and is engaged with by other collaborators.

Helping customers track document performance

Templafy currently offers a very strong workflow in document creation, from easy access to the right materials to automation in document compilation to the finalization of a document. However, once a document is finalized, understanding how it performs is the next step to complete the document creation workflow. Adding Napp’s technology to our own will allow us to introduce this final step.

The future of document creation workflows

The new engagement and tracking flow allow the end-user creating the document to see recipient engagement, including reading, annotations, and comments.

With this advanced workflow, end-users will be able to follow the journey of their document after it leaves their hands and is engaged with by other collaborators, providing valuable insights into document performance. It will be much easier to understand how a document performs and will ultimately help businesses produce higher quality business documents in the future.

We’re excited to take our product to the next level and to gain new colleagues that can help us realize our vision for perfect business document creation.

To learn more about Templafy’s acquisition of Napp, see our press release here.

If you’re an existing Napp customer or would like to find out more about this acquisition, click here to find some useful questions and answers.