Connectivity has always been at the core of Templafy’s philosophy. From the origins of our cloud-born platform in 2014, embracing technologies that enable us to effortlessly reach each other and reach the things we need to get work done remains foundational to our solution design.

This year, we are taking connectivity to a new level and introducing Content Enablement and Connected Content as the key concepts that Templafy delivers.

Content Enablement: A blind spot in today’s enterprise tech stack

Every modern enterprise worldwide has a tech stack – it’s made up of the various familiar software used daily to help enable the business. These stacks have a blind spot concerning how business content (e.g., documents, presentations, emails) is created and managed. Businesses have a need to centrally govern content, and employees need to utilize and produce business content. Yet, today’s tech stack lacks a way to connect these two critical needs. Without a solution, businesses risk what we call ‘disconnected content,’ which can lead to loss of compliance, brand integrity and employee productivity.

The problem of disconnected content

When we talk about content at Templafy, we’re talking primarily about business content, like documents, presentations and emails, and then there are the content-elements, like images, disclaimers and metadata, which are the building blocks of business content. We know that business content is a primary business driver, but when content is disconnected, unregulated, and hard to find, it fails to do its job for organizations.

Disconnected content can happen in many different places and instances across organizations. If a company is going through a rebrand and some employees are still using old logos in their documents: that's disconnected content. All those decks, slides, images that sit in an ECM platform that no one logs into: that's disconnected content. The data in SFDC or SharePoint that's manually entered in the proposal template each time: that's disconnected content. The audit report manually created each time – or off the last client's - and hopefully Find and Replace catches all the names: You guessed it, that's disconnected content too.

And that is where Templafy steps in.

How connected content enables businesses

Templafy’s answer to disconnected content was to build a content enablement solution with a unique infrastructure that connects all company content and actively accelerates business performance. Delivering connected content is a win-win situation for both content creators (employees) and businesses.

In order to truly ensure content performs as it should, enterprises need to adopt solutions that enable their content – that help centrally govern it, improve the process of building, editing and perfecting it, and understand how it is performing and what value it is ultimately bringing to the organization.

Jesper Theill Eriksen
CEO, Templafy

Templafy’s solution is deeply embedded in company-wide workflows, going far beyond simple content management. Thanks to strong integrations leveraging the most out of existing business enablement software, Templafy’s platform has the capability to serve teams exactly what they need, when they need it, right inside the applications they already work in. At the same time, it’s allowing organizations to govern and track business content performance effortlessly. From creation to editing to sending for review and tracking performance, employees and companies are benefiting from a secure and fully complete business content workflow.

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How content enablement drives business results

Templafy is enabling content and bridging the gap between company content, the users and the business. The result is aligned workforces producing on-brand, high-performing content faster than ever before. And with content at the center of business performance, ensuring that content is connected and enabled is even more critical.

By offering an intuitive, connected and complete business content creation workflow, Templafy delivers connected content, drives true content enablement, and allows content to do its primary job for organizations: drive business.

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