Templafy’s latest and unique platform-defining feature, Engage, is now officially launched. Over the past year, our engineers have worked tirelessly to create Engage: a new workflow that empowers business content creators to follow documents beyond the desktop to complete the document lifecycle fully.

Through the Engage workflow, end-users can send documents to the correct recipients directly from document creation applications, collaborate and track the engagement. And that means, for the first time ever, there is transparency and an easy user experience in the delivery and collaboration of a document, plus analytics and insights that can help improve content performance overall.

Why did we build Engage?

Business content created by employees is, in most cases, sent to another stakeholder for input, review or some other purpose designed to further a business objective. This is an essential– if basic and overlooked – step in the content lifecycle. Understanding that the steps of delivery, third-party engagement and transparency around document engagement and performance were missing elements in the software stack, Templafy developed a solution to fill in this gap in the modern content creation workflow in a way that benefits end-users and businesses alike.

We built  Engage to support critical business activities and deliver data around content performance that can be used to measurably improve content’s impact, and therefore business results themselves.

Christian Lund
Co-founder and CPO, Templafy

Key features of Engage

Sharing, Collaboration and Security

  • Users can easily share business content from any applications that they already work in (e.g. Microsoft Office, Salesforce etc.) to any third party recipient.
  • Users can build curated collaboration through highlights and comments using annotations or action points directed at specific respondents.
  • Users can send files with no size limitations from inside the document they’re creating using unique links accessible by chosen recipients only.
  • Businesses can control the administration settings to manage sharing options for end-users. ​
  • Users can set expiration dates​ for any document shared through Engage.​
  • Shared documents can have watermarks applied to indicate the security level and status of the document.​
  • Engage offers document sharing security settings that can be used to set access levels to the document; internal only, password protected or through email validation.

Tracking and Analytics 

  • Real-time notifications and insights into engagement with the document offers transparency in the business content review cycle.
  • Engage offers a robust document insights dashboard that displays actionable data to ensure better business content performance.


  • Later this year, Engage will complete its support of the business content lifecycle by offering e-signing capabilities known as Engage Sign. 

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Integrations mean Engage works where users prefer

As with all Templafy features, Engage is fully embedded within an employee’s workflow to ensure a seamless user experience. It integrates with the most commonly used apps such as Microsoft Office, Google Workspace and Salesforce and leverages these platforms to support connected and easy user workflow preferences.

To learn more about Engage and the Templafy platform, visit our dedicated Engage page.