A lot goes on behind the scenes here at Templafy. Our tech team tinker away daily to develop new features, fix bugs, and make sure we’re delivering the best possible solution. While we believe all our updates are important, some are undeniably ‘sexier’ than others.

We’ve rounded up some of these, our favorite releases from the past few months, to take you through them in a bit more detail and explain how they can help you work better. This is just a snapshot of the bigger updates available to you on Templafy now – we have plenty more planned that we’ll be revealing soon.


‘Content’ is the latest buzzword and companies are producing more of it than ever. Some see this as the ‘Content Renaissance’ while to others it’s ‘Content Clutter’. Whatever your viewpoint, the reality is that company content and assets are available at greater amounts, and to departments outside of just Marketing and Comms.

How can you harness this explosion of content and ensure the time and money spent developing it is not wasted? Aggregate it for starters, and there are plenty of Digital Asset Management systems (DAM) doing just that. The missing link is then making sure it’s actually used.

It’s one thing to tell employees that all presentation graphics are now stored in Dropbox, but it’s quite another to get them regularly accessing it from there if they’re used to other processes.

Organization-wide behavioural change needs a helping hand, which is why Templafy now integrates with leading content management software such as Box and Skyfish, and stock photo library Colourbox. Integration with Dropbox is also now in beta mode and will be live in September

(get in touch at sales@templafy.com if you’d like to try out the beta).

With these suite of integrations, users get access to their company content and assets directly where they work – in their office applications – meaning a big change in habits or processes is not required. Employees can continue building a presentation in PowerPoint with direct access to their Colourbox stock photos from the embedded Templafy task pane. No need to navigate away from PowerPoint or open up new tabs.

The result? Users can continue working as they like, with all company assets and content accessible from one location, helping ensure they actually get used.

Template builder

Improving workflows and streamlining processes is a core function of Templafy, and the ‘template builder’ released in January continues to strengthen that promise.

Outwardly, users would not have noticed any difference in the product since the template builder went live. Admins, however, can now save huge amounts of time on template creation and updates.

As the name suggests, admins can build templates using components from other files and rich text content from other sources, easily inserting and combining elements as necessary. These base templates and text elements can be reused continuously to create an endless amount of documents.

Managing this potentially infinite number of documents is also made easier with the template builder, as any updates made to the base template or text elements will also update all the additional documents created from it.

Which means the next time there’s a change to a text snippet regularly used in company documents, an admin only needs to update one file to automatically update all documents built from it previously.

Active Directory claims

Ease of use and clear functionality are always top of mind across the Templafy application, infrastructure and processes. Accordingly, Templafy now supports more technologies – AzureAD, SAML2, WAYF and WSFederation – enabling Single Sign On and the import of claims from a client’s Active Directory. This results in not just better performance, but better security requirements as well, for a truly enterprise-grade solution.

These updates make onboarding much easier also, especially for our large customers with multiple national offices and potentially multiple authentication methods. A lot of time and work is saved as users don’t have to manually fill in profile information, nor do they ever have to sign in or provide any information their company already has on them.

Less obstacles at the outset and better implementation processes all contribute to enhanced user experience and better user adoption.

Templafy is the simple way to manage and share company templates. On-brand, compliant and personalized for every employee.