Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management Software as it Should Be

Your company’s digital assets are important – and constantly evolving. Managing the corporate identity to keep pace with the change requires more than a simple storage and sharing system for these digital assets. To ensure internal brand compliance, you need a solution that works where the users work – in their office applications. Templafy makes it easy to organize and share your digital assets, but more than that, our digital asset management software will ensure they’re actually used.

Templafy Integrates With All Office Platforms

With Templafy, users can work how they want, online or directly through their office suite, without the need to change habits or learn new skills. Our sigital asset management system ensures that all your company’s digital assets are maintained in one place, and accessible wherever your users need them.

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Digital Asset Management Software and Brand Compliance

Digital asset managers, or the people responsible for a company’s brand identity, have a hard time controlling the compliance of digital assets when in the hands of the average user. Keeping the countless documents and presentations employees produce every day on-brand and within guidelines is no easy task.

Templafy helps users by automatically personalizing their content, ensuring they only have access to correct logos, images, slides, text-snips, icons, videos, etc.

Unlike other digital asset management software, Templafy integrates with all office platforms – Microsoft Office, Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive and Google Drive – and across multiple devices.

Corporate identity is protected and, thanks to office suite integration, digital assets are already optimized and contextualized and ready to go. Templafy brings corporate documents and digital assets together to secure your brand management investment – while making everyone’s work day a whole lot easier.

Digital Asset Management With Templafy

Using Templafy as your digital asset management software, or integrating it with another DAM solution, means smoother processes and a one-stop source from which to easily build new files. Fast to on-board, easy to use and efficient to manage, our system provides a better experience for all users and across all departments to maximize adoption. Protecting corporate identity beyond all that comes as standard.

A digital enterprise needs a reliable DAM system. Templafy was developed with a great focus on security across the application, infrastructure and processes, with admins controlling who has access to what. Built for big business, Templafy ensures your digital assets and corporate documents are always on-brand, compliant and personalized. It’s a brand asset management system that is easy to use and always available where the user needs it.

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