Integrating DAM systems and Templafy  

Templafy’s infrastructure connects all company content across any enterprise tech stack to serve teams the right assets exactly when they need it – wherever they are in their workflow.  

DAM PowerPoint

Bring all company digital assets directly to where employees work 

Templafy’s document generation platform powers the business
enablement stack through infrastructure that integrates with the
systems dealing with documents.

Integrating DAM systems with Templafy enables access to all digital assets from within content creation apps where employees are working. 

Templafy’s Library task pane inside documents provides a one-click portal to DAM assets and other content storage solutions. It ensures that the easiest way to find the latest company-approved digital assets is also the fastest.   

We’ve now taken away the excuse of ‘I didn’t know where to find it’, as the latest documents and templates are now provided in the place they work.

Lauren Robertson, Creative Marketing & Brand Director, Condeco
Lauren Robertson
Creative Marketing & Brand Director at Condeco

Solution for marketing teams

Get the most out of your DAM systems

Intuitive content access

Employees get easy access to approved assets from within the tools they already use.

Real-time distribution

Distribute real-time updates through one centralized platform, complete with metadata.

Connected workflows

Create a secure and efficient workflow including document creation, collaborative editing, signing, distribution, and storage.

Learn how Templafy can connect your DAM system directly to documents and make accessing the right assets intuitive. 

  • Easy access to all relevant company content from inside document apps. 
  • Build always-accurate documents quickly with correct company content using automation. 
  • Keep company-owned content up-to-date and auto-fix all detected inconsistencies in a click.