Leading global research and advisory firm, Forrester, has cited Templafy in its most recent digital asset focused report, NowTech Digital Asset Management for Customer Experience, Q1- 2019.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) software manages the creation, production, distribution, and retention of rich media content such as audio, video, images, and compound documents. DAM platforms can help organizations distribute and reuse best-practice content to help employees work more efficiently and stay on brand.

The NowTech report lists 33 DAM providers with an overview of each provider’s vertical market focus, size, fit and functionality to help organizations choose the best fit for their specific needs.

In the report, Templafy is categorized as an Enterprise and Marketing DAM solution. We believe this is due to our capability for large-scale implementation, cross-organizational use and specific use-case for brand management by marketing departments.

The report was led by Forrester Senior Analyst, Nick Barber, who focuses on serving Application Development & Delivery (AD&D) professionals and specializes in video technologies within enterprises and for customer experiences.