The secure, brand-adherent generative AI assistant allows companies to give employees the productivity of ChatGPT, embedded in workflow, without sacrificing governance.

NEW YORK, May 11, 2023 - Templafy, the leader in enterprise document automation, today launches its Azure OpenAI-powered module to eliminate more of the manual document work plaguing knowledge workers globally to provide them more time to focus on meaningful work that drives the business, and ultimately revenue, forward.  

While the power of generative AI technology is expansive, many enterprises are struggling with how to best balance those opportunities alongside potential risks centered around security and data quality within businesses. Many have gone as far as banning tools such as ChatGPT however that’s not working considering that according to a recent Business Insider study 70% of enterprise employees say they use AI content generation but don’t tell their managers. Templafy’s Chat GPT-powered capability provides enterprises with a new way to calm these concerns without full removal of the technology by implementing an added layer of control for enterprises – a staple feature of the Templafy platform.  

The Azure OpenAI-powered assistant brings AI content generation directly into the spaces employees are already working in (i.e. Microsoft Office suite). Admins will be able to centrally manage tone of voice guidelines to ensure that AI text outputs are aligned with company standards. The tool is directly integrated within the Templafy Library and can be used to simply improve the content already being created by employees or provided within Templafy document and asset generation.  

To provide clearer more concise copy within documents, users will have the ability to use the Chat GPT-powered authoring assistant to take the following actions: summarize (shorten & abbreviate text), rephrase (suggest alternative wording), improve (revise grammar and spelling), and elaborate (suggest text based on subject). 

As always, Templafy’s technology is designed with security top of mind and this capability is no exception. The solution utilizes the Azure OpenAI database meaning none of the input provided by the employee or output generated is stored or used to train the model – providing enterprises the ability to maintain international data security standards (such as GDPR and CCPA) while also protecting their intellectual property.  

“The true potential of generative AI is undoubtedly vast yet unknown and businesses should, in a responsible way, begin exploring how to take advantage of it.,” said Jesper Theill Eriksen, Chief Executive Officer at Templafy. “We strive to eliminate as much manual document work as possible to enable employees to focus on the core elements of their jobs. Our Chat GPT-powered assistant removes much of the tedious, mundane and repetitive work that plague knowledge workers day-to-day but does so in a way that maintains security and control for enterprises – which is more important than ever as we continue along the learning journey of figuring out how to best utilize this technology.”  

The authoring assistant will first be made available through a Beta program accessible to Templafy customers. To learn more about the program and how Templafy is approaching the usage of generative AI within the platform, join Templafy Talks AI on Wednesday, May 31st at 4pm CEST/ 10am EST You can register for free at

About Templafy  

Templafy’s next gen document generation platform automates all business document creation across organizations to activate and protect brands, drive governance and enable better document creation at any complexity and scale.    

We uniquely leverage content enablement technology that intelligently connects content to users where they already work, when it matters most. From immediate access to on-brand company templates directly within Microsoft Office to fully automated compilation of a sales proposal within Salesforce and every content workflow between and beyond, our platform enables employees to create compliant, on-brand, high-performing business documents faster.    

Founded in Denmark in 2014, Templafy is an international organization that supports millions of users across more than 800 enterprise customers globally – including KPMG, IKEA, BDO, and more.  

With $200m in funding raised, Templafy is backed by industry-leading investors such as Insight Partners, Seed Capital, Dawn Capital, Damgaard Company and Golub Growth.