Over the past year, Templafy’s engineers have been working tirelessly to create our new software architecture platform, Hive. Building on this, we’ll launch our most ambitious plan to date: we’re going to disrupt the way billions of business documents get created by enterprise employees worldwide.

The technology behind Hive

Templafy Hive is the second iteration of our platform. We moved from a monolithic architecture to a microservices architecture and structured our software in separate, connected units– much like a hive. This way, our engineers can work independently on different components without platform-wide impact.

The new structure is more efficient and enables faster delivery of features and unlimited scalability to support our ever-increasing user-base.


Why build a new platform?

Hive is the foundation for our vision of the future of document creation. The new platform’s advanced technology offers increased enterprise scalability, performance and security. On Hive, everything works faster, including our ability to deliver new feature upgrades, and admin users will have a fresh usability experience and efficiency gains – something that end-users will also enjoy through a much-improved discovery experience.

The focus when we built Hive was to make sure that the software development lifecycle was fully automated with a focus on security and performance.

Thomas Jespersen
CTO, Templafy

Existing customers moving to Hive will straight away see the fantastic new user experience. We put a lot of resources on taking the UX aspect of the Admin Center to the next level with a complete redesign that delivers better manageability.

Some of the main elements we focused on were grouping, filtering and tagging digital assets and documents stored in Hive. Additionally, we’re introducing more granular access rights for admin users. Naturally, an improved back-end delivers a better user experience and a much more productive workflow for daily users of Templafy.

It’s now also possible to distribute and manage groups of slides and email templates, and we’re also introducing geofencing and multi-cluster with servers in the EU, US and Australia so that your data stays where you are.

…our aim was to gain trust and give the admins more flexibility – while making it easier to configure a set-up that makes Templafy highly valuable to end-users.

Caleb Wilson
Head of Product Design

Application agnostic is the future

We designed Hive’s technology with an application agnostic approach so that Templafy works wherever users are creating documents. Hive can take advantage of the data within other systems involved in document creation and use that data source to create perfect documents for the user.

Being application agnostic means Templafy’s Library can be surfaced on applications such as Microsoft Office applications, DMS applications, DAM systems and more to provide a coherent workflow in whatever task the user is performing. Users simply pull the data from where they’re working and can save it back to the application or take the document to the next step in their workflow.

An application-agnostic approach is a massive step forward that will see huge efficiency gains and flexibility for users. They will be able to start the document creation process from any number of connected systems. Whatever makes the most sense to the user is now possible.

Our vision for document workflows

Templafy is the industry leader in document compliance and productivity, but we know that documents live on after the creation phase. We are thinking beyond enhancing the creation process and looking at tracking performance and engagement as documents are sent out and put to use.

We’re building technological capabilities that allow users to follow the engagement on each document they create after sending it out, whether for collaborative inputs, signatures, or approval. This flow puts the document creator in control of their business document lifecycle in a completely original way.



Getting the right tools to build our vision

A few months ago, we acquired new technology that will allow Templafy to bring to life our vision to complete the document creation workflow later this year. Templafy already helps millions of users around the world today to make documents faster and with more accuracy.

Now we’re building the final steps that will open up the workflow beyond the creation phase and allow the user to track document performance and engagement while providing actionable analytics to the business.


Coming up: the new Engage workflow

To deliver the ideal workflow, we want to know what happens to a document after it’s sent out for review or approval and engaged with by other stakeholders. And we’re building the technology to facilitate that.

We’re introducing the Engage workflow that follows documents beyond your desktop to the next stage of their intended function. We want to give that level of control to the creators after they’ve finalized and sent out that report or presentation.

Pioneering a smarter document workflow

The Hive platform launch means we are ready to go beyond efficiency and compliance in document creation and focus more broadly on document performance. We’re so proud of what we’ve achieved with building and launching Templafy Hive. With strong foundations in place, we’re ready to expand our capabilities and realize our vision.

To learn more about our Platform, visit our page here.