Simplify document creation across your organization. From proposals to contracts, audit reports to branded templates

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Documents play a critical role in driving new business, but creating them is a slow and frustrating process

With Templafy With Templafy

Assemble client-ready, accurate, and impactful documents in minutes, for every customer touchpoint


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Operational efficiency suffers when data, content, and document creation tools fail to connect

With Templafy With Templafy

Achieve complete alignment, from branded base templates to fully automated documents



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When high volumes of documents are created, the risk of sharing inaccurate information increases significantly

With Templafy With Templafy

Generate documents with the correct branding, data, classifications, and content from the start


Outdated systems don’t sync with new technology, burdening IT and impacting team morale

With Templafy

Deliver automated document creation, embedded into every employee workflow, without relying on IT

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Optimized for productivity

With Templafy, it has become easy for Ramboll employees to directly import relevant company content into Word documents, such as reports and tenders.

Roos Nederveen
Roos Nederveen
Senior Consultant, Corporate Branding, Ramboll

Our local brand management departments now can edit corporate content directly and apply respective changes immediately – a facet our IT admins are particularly intrigued by as it takes everyday management off their shoulders and thus adds more hours to their day.

Wakana Pivoteau Sakihama
Head of Corporate Branding, Coloplast

Seeing the quarterly adoption and usage figures of Templafy, I wonder how we even managed this before.

Malcolm Stamper
Corporate Brand Coordinator, Etex

Seamlessly integrate your DAM, CRM, DMS, brand portal, and more with Templafy and create better documents in minutes

How leading enterprises cracked the code to increase document efficiency and quality

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