Case study: Aquin

Improving M&A deal outcomes with better documents

Founded in 2009, Aquin is an owner-managed M&A advisory firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions of mid-sized companies. Its transaction volumes range from €10m to €150m, with 70% of deals being cross-border.

The international team, based across Munich and Lindau, conducts challenging financial and strategic analysis, acts as an intermediary between investors and entrepreneurs and finds new angles to close win-win deals for clients and investors. 

  • Industry: M&A advisory
  • Location: Germany
  • Founded: 2009

The ROI has been huge, and we’ve had very positive feedback from clients and investors.

Petra Cisneros
Mergers & Acquisitions Associate
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The challenge

Like many M&A advisory firms, Aquin faced a common challenge – the need to efficiently convert vast amounts of unstructured content into high-quality documents within tight timeframes.

It used Excel to track templates, had difficulty ensuring consistent wording, imagery, and brand identity across every piece, and spent too long formatting client presentations. 

As a result, the firm allocated significant resources to maintain a consistent level of quality across the board. It was committed to delivering an optimal client experience, yet longed for a more efficient way of achieving this.

The solution

From Excel to efficiency

Templafy ensures our professionals have access to the right content at the right time, so they can spend more time on true finance work.

Petra Cisneros
Mergers & Acquisitions Associate
Q&A with Petra Cisneros 

The driving forces behind Templafy 

Petra Cisneros, M&A associate at Aquin shares her reflections on the organization’s overall objectives, how the decision-making process worked, and the internal adoption of Templafy.

Our clients' success is our success. We value entrepreneurship, teamwork, and quality in everything we do. This is measured and demonstrated throughout our company and we strongly believe in “smart work” to facilitate flexible working models. Our fee structures ensure full commitment to our clients’ targets.

Our founders have decades of first-hand experience in M&A, so they knew the challenges the team was facing in our day-to-day work.

Thanks to our open discussion culture, where everyone’s voice matters, the whole team was involved in mapping the challenges, finding potential solutions, and finally choosing Templafy. It was the right choice.

Everyone in the company, from trainees to managing directors, uses Templafy. It’s part of our onboarding program for new employees and Templafy runs regular update trainings when new useful features come out.

Templafy has truly digitalized our processes, transformed our quality management system, as well as ensured a consistent brand identity across teams and projects.

Furthermore, digitalization has brought about further benefits, such as the possibility to offer our employees a good work-life balance including the option to work remotely from different countries as well as part-time employment. Things that were previously unheard of in our industry are now becoming the new norm.

Since implementation, we’ve had a 100% adoption rate and it’s used daily across our workforce. The ROI has been huge, and we’ve had very positive feedback from clients and investors with regards to the quality of our presented materials.

With Templafy, we’ve managed to significantly improve the employee experience while producing better work that has led to more deals. It’s a win-win and we’re delighted with what we’ve managed to achieve – so far!

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