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Future-Proofing and Streamlining Template Management and Business Communications in the Public Sector

The Capital Region of Denmark is one of the largest public employers in Denmark – it provides healthcare, research and regional business development to 30% of Denmark’s population.

With several different locations and business sectors, the Capital Region of Denmark’s employees often switch work locations and share computers in public facilities while still needing a consistent look and feel across their documents and emails. The organization’s document templates were updated on-premise, which tied up IT resources and made roll-outs cumbersome.

The Capital Region of Denmark decided to migrate to the cloud to future-proof and centralize its IT system administration. Moving from Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 to Office 365 required a template management system upgrade.

Templafy Template management system integrated with Powerpoint

Why Templafy?

The Capital Region of Denmark chose Templafy because it not only made cloud-transition simple, but also streamlined the use and administration of Office templates, business document content and digital assets across several different entities.

Templafy empowers the organization’s employees to gain access, manage and share Microsoft Office document templates and content across Office 365, while at the same time granting backwards-compatibility with the organization’s previous, on-premises versions of Microsoft Office.

The Capital Region of Denmark’s employees can easily access on-brand presentation templates and on-brand digital assets from within their Microsoft Office applications.

Templafy conveniently allows the Capital Region of Denmark to manage document templates and content centrally through a custom administration website. This empowers the marketing and branding teams to maintain, update and distribute respective content correspondent to their individual demands and dynamic user profiles across locations and functions without needing help from IT resources.

Ultimately, the cutback on the individual employee and IT overhead liquidates resources for activities right at the core of the Capital Region of Denmark’s efforts to break new ground in treatments, technologies and health-care services of the future.

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