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How Cofidis Retail support their employees in creating on-brand content

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  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Location: 8 countries
  • Number of employees: 1,000
About Cofidis Retail

Cofidis Retail’s brand priorities

Cofidis is a financial services company with over 30 years of experience in consulting on loans, credit, and insurance products for more than 3.5 million customers. Cofidis Retail, a branch of Cofidis, specializes in payment facilities and solutions for merchants and e-merchants. Their mission is to offer partners and customers the best credit solutions, guaranteeing excellence in service and long-term relationships. Cofidis Retail base their service model on solutions that make the customer process more fluid, with focus on availability, dematerialization and speed.

Cofidis Retail teams work across all departments and predominantly use PowerPoint in their work. Brand compliance is vital to them and must be included in every aspect of company communication. Employees were facing difficulties as many of them did not know how to use PowerPoint as a communication tool, and many of them were not following the brand guidelines.


How Cofidis Retail optimized their brand

Cofidis decided to implement a tool that would simplify creating on-brand and compliant presentations. Through this, employees can access on-brand and compliant content for PowerPoint presentations, from right within the application. As well as templates, graphic elements such as images, icons and graphs are available where they are working. There is also access to a library of the best Cofidis Retail presentations for reuse by employees. As a result, communication is improved because presentations are clearer, more structured, on-brand and therefore more impactful.

Cofidis implemented a template management system with the aim of supporting their employees more, as they realized they were not doing enough to help ensure brand consistency. Employees are now producing better work as they can access all necessary assets and so improve their communication material. As a result, employees are working quicker than before as they have no doubt that the work they are producing is on-brand and contains up-to-date content.

Now employees have the ability to compile the best communication material for their purpose, quickly. The result is higher quality presentations that always follow the latest brand guidelines, and employees are able to create them faster than before.

Chloe Lehembre
Public Relations Manager, Cofidis Retail

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