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"We have a more unified design and everyone saves a lot of time by using already-made material."

EG is one of Scandinavia’s largest IT consulting companies, with 1,800 employees in 25 offices spread over four countries. Specialized in digital transformation consulting, EG understands the difference efficient technology can make in the workplace. As such, it became apparent the company needed to update its template and digital asset management system.

Prior to implementing Templafy, there was no central place to store presentation slide decks, document templates or company images. This often resulted in employees using outdated communication material and finding off-brand photos and illustrations on the internet. Stig Reinholdt Olsen, a Visual and Graphics Specialist in EG’s Marketing Department, remembers that it also led to double work being done by employees. Stig recalls, “In many cases, content was created which already existed elsewhere.”

Why Templafy?

EG uses Templafy’s centralized template and digital asset management solution to share the best slides made in the Marketing Department with the entire organization. Stig says, “With Templafy, fully designed and animated slides made by Marketing can now be edited and reused by each department as they see fit.”

Having the ability to share and update best-practice slides made by the Marketing Department has saved employees time, while also increasing brand consistency across the entire organization. Stig adds that,


Stig Reinholdt Olsen
Visual and Graphics, Marketing, EG



“EG’s Marketing Department has made over 200 presentations for different products and services, as well as slides for various events, seminars and meetings. With Templafy as a centralized place to store all company slides, people can pick and choose how to spice up their own presentations with pre-made, on-brand content.”

The efficiency gains for Stig and the Marketing Department are evident, and he notes, “I’ve saved a lot of time by directing people to Templafy to find our collection of slides, instead of searching and helping people with individual slides or presentations.”

Overall, implementing Templafy has helped increase consistency of EG’s brand in communication material and saved employees time in the process. Stig summarizes, “We have a more unified design and everyone saves a lot of time by using already-made material.”

EG employees can easily find pre-made, on-brand slides when making presentations.


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