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How EG utilize technology to help employees work more efficiently

  • Industry: IT consulting
  • Location: 25 offices
  • Number of employees: 1,400+
About EG

EG’s accessibility priorities

EG is one of Scandinavia’s largest IT consulting companies, with over 1,400 employees in 25 offices over four countries. Specializing in digital transformation consulting, EG understands the difference efficient technology can make in the workplace, as they work with customers to anchor digital transformation.

With such a focus on technology use, EG realized they could utilize technology to make their own workplace more efficient, particularly relating to employees accessing templates and digital assets.


How EG provide accessibility 

EG implemented a solution that would give them a centralized location to store slide decks, document templates, and company images. Previously, there had been no such location, which had led to employees using outdated communication material and finding off-brand photos and illustrations on the internet. Now, employees can find pre-made, on brand slides easily when creating presentations which creates a more coherent brand image.

The consistency of EG’s brand in communication has improved as employees across all office locations are using the same presentations. This creates a more unified design, and increases consistency of EG’s brand in communication materials. The slides are pre-made by the marketing department, but can be edited and remade by other departments, meaning the brand is uniform as departments do not have to start from scratch, and there is no double work being done.

Not only are employees saving time in creating presentations, but the marketing department is saving time spent on aiding access of their internal content.

I’ve saved a lot of time by directing people to Templafy to find our collection of slides, instead of searching and helping people with individual slides or presentations.

Stig Reinholdt Olsen
Visual and Graphics Specialist, EG

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