Case study

Unifying brand M&As with next gen document generation

  • Industry: Financial advisory
  • Location: Belgium
  • Number of employees: 800+ employees

About Moore Belgium

Moore Belgium is the largest independent accountancy and consulting service provider in Belgium. Since its founding in 1967, the company has worked to support its customers with comprehensive practical advisory services. 

In 2019, Moore Belgium joined the Moore Global accounting network. Since then, its growth has risen sharply — from approximately 300 employees to over 800 —  in part due to an ambitious acquisition strategy, averaging one new acquisition per month. 

With 24 local offices across the country, Moore Belgium is finely attuned to its 10,000+ customers, across many industries and of many sizes. 

We’ve never asked to report ROI on Templafy because it’s far too obvious how essential of an investment it is for our team – and I don’t expect that request to ever really come through. It is the most used tool next to Microsoft Office. Everyone knows it and everyone uses it.

Sebastien Dubrulle

In a business based on offering sound advice to customers, having unified access to business content is essential. But with so many mergers and acquisitions, Moore Belgium struggled to align critical content elements like logos, templates, and standardized texts, leading to three common challenges:

People were spending way too much time searching for content and creating documents from scratch, even when it may exist elsewhere in the organization.

Clients and prospects were being sent materials with different — and sometimes even contradictory — information with inconsistent branding and design.

As leaders in the industry, Moore Belgium knew it needed to update its way of working to stay on top of security requirements, business regulations, and performance standards.

What Moore Belgium found with Templafy

Templafy’s next gen document generation platform activates and protects the Moore brand by intelligently connecting content to people within existing workflows across their tech stack to enable employees to create high-performing business documents faster.

Since Templafy works directly with the Microsoft Office programs everyone already used, it was easy for employees to get onboarded and start working with the latest marketing and sales collateral.

Successful content is now easily shared across teams, meaning more clients are getting the best advice and company materials.

Despite its relatively new introduction to the company, Templafy is already Moore Belgium’s second-most used tool, after the Office suite. 

There is tough competition in our space. We need to move fast and be ahead of the curve to win business. Templafy is a tool for that.

Sebastien Dubrulle

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