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“Using Templafy ... has improved the aesthetics and quality of our sales presentations, and possibly even the performance of our sales team."

Novicell is a digital strategy consulting firm with seven offices spread across four countries. The firm offers business development consulting with the technical abilities to implement its recommendations. Maintaining a consistent company image across all documents and presentations is important to Novicell’s business.

Before implementing Templafy, Novicell staff were using a host of different platforms to save and share document templates. As Novicell’s Digital Product Manager, Tobias Lybech Bojesen, recalls, “We pulled presentations from different sources and it was impossible to consistently maintain these assets with the same design and updated content.”

Why Templafy?

Hassle-free template and asset distribution and updates

Templafy’s solution has changed the way Novicell distributes business document and presentation templates. Novicell’s product manager can now place customer specific slides and digital assets in Templafy, making it simple for the sales team to find the slides for future use. Tobias adds, “We are now sharing digital assets and templates and continuously improving our presentations.”


Centralized administration

Tobias has found his job easier now that all presentation slides and document templates are in one place because he can now easily evaluate which products or services need more supporting content. Novicell’s sales team also has better content to use and spends less time finding it now that they know there is one place to look.


Boosting sales enablement

With Templafy, Novicell ensures its sales team can easily access and use well-designed customer presentations:

“Using Templafy to share the great set of templates our design team has created has improved the aesthetics and quality of our sales presentations, and possibly even the performance of our sales team. We spend less time preparing for each meeting because the presentations are ready to be assembled, which means we can focus more on the individual customer’s needs and opportunities.”

Tobias Lybech Bojesen,
Digital Product Manager,

Novicell’s staff can access all Novicell’s latest document templates and digital assets directly within Word through Templafy’s task pane.



With Templafy, Novicell’s on-brand icons, models, images, logos, and pre-made slides and are all available within PowerPoint so that Novicell’s employees can easily create brand-compliant presentations.


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