Document generation within your workflow

Unleash the power of automated document generation with Templafy’s DocGen API – embedded seamlessly into your daily applications. 

Why our customers choose the Templafy API

From automated customer quotes to bulk or customized file generation, save valuable time and effort

Rapid quote generation 

Embed quote generation into your eCommerce, direct sales, and partner portals with this CRM agnostic approach. Use the same pricing information across your entire organization to create accurate and consistent documents every time.

Automate bulk document generation

Automate mass creation of low-touch documents like engagement letters. Save valuable time, eliminate manual errors, and champion your brand integrity.

Introduce Templafy within any workflow

Templafy's API easily integrates into your existing processes, making it a breeze to generate customized files in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or PDF formats – saving you time and ensuring document accuracy at any scale.

Streamline your document creation capabilities with one intuitive workflow

Tailor templates to perfection

Customize your templates to align with your needs.

User or system-initiated

Based on your workflow, documents can be created by users or pre-set system triggers.

The embedded experience

Effortlessly integrate document automation and creation into any existing system. 

Versatile output options 

Generate files in Word, PowerPoint, PDF or Excel format. 

Error-free data population 

Boost productivity with the ability to populate data from any CRM, ERP, or system of record.

Extensive documentation

Easy to develop, easy to maintain. Our industry-standard REST API is a developer's haven.

Want to know more? Access our full suite of API resources to get started.

Security-first for a reason

When it comes to document automation, security is a non-negotiable. We never meet security standards when we can exceed them — because protecting your documents is what we do.

Access documentation

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