Unsplash x Templafy

Unsplash images available exactly where they are needed

Make all company-approved Unsplash images available directly from within Microsoft Office and Google Workspace.

No more images with missing IP rights

Fast, intuitive, and secure workflow

Increase brand consistency

Give employees intuitive access to brand-approved images when creating documents.

Improved productivity

Fast and intuitive access to all Unsplash images without leaving Office or Google Workspace applications.

Better legal compliance

Ensure employees only have access to images with valid copyrights in place.

Access your Unsplash images directly from within any document creation tool

  • With the powerful search capabilities, employees get access to only the professional-looking images that are part of the company's Getty Images subscription.

  1. IT-Free Technology. Once setup is complete, there is no need to bother IT with content requests. All updates and rollouts can be managed by content owners (like marketers, legal teams, or brand managers).

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