Templafy integrations

Templafy integrates with the tools you already use, creating a unified platform for your content management infrastructure

Integration wheel showing names and logos of the software which Templafy integrates with
Enterprise-wide solution

Unify your document ecosystem

Templafy connects and streamlines your document creation ecosystem and workflows. Templafy is the platform that unifies entire content management IT infrastructures. It connects the programs you use for an intelligent and secure document workflow, from creation to storage.

Document creation

Enable smart document creation where your employees are working

Templafy integrates with your document creation applications in Microsoft Office and G-Suite, both on-premise and online. Employees can access the latest, on-brand, compliant business assets directly in the apps where document creation is happening.

Document management

Connect your DMS with intelligent templates

Integrate your existing document management software with Templafy to leverage the best out of it. Templafy’s intelligent template system works with the document management systems you trust.

List of standard DMS integrations

Microsoft Dynamics logo and name and Salesforce logo and name

Import the latest customer data directly into document templates

By integrating your CRM system with Templafy, you can insert always-up-to-date customer information directly into business document templates, saving time and ensuring accuracy in document creation.

Digital assets

Access to all digital assets in DAM directly from where employees work

Bring your digital assets to where employees work. Integrating your DAM system with Templafy enables employees to access all digital assets directly from the document creation applications they are working in.

List of standard DAM integrations

You can also enable integrations to stock image and icon banks, such as Pexels and Iconfinder.


Connect your existing storage systems and documents

Templafy stores your organization’s templates and assets in the cloud, and also supports centralized storage systems, so you can continue using your existing storage method alongside Templafy.

Security and identity management

Meet enterprise security standards through single sign-on technology

You’re secure with Templafy. We meet enterprise security standards by integrating with the most commonly used single sign-on technologies and user information systems.

Want to build your own integration?

You can build your own custom integration with Templafy’s open API.