Templafy and Salesforce

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Save time for every contract, quote and catalog

Templafy’s integration with Salesforce allows users to easily create sales contracts, quotes and product catalogues by simply selecting the information they would like to include. Templafy pulls information from Salesforce into documents, so that employees can create correct, on-brand and compliant sales documents in just a few minutes.

Save time creating documents

Access to Salesforce information from within your documents.

Avoid outdated information

Up-to-date information from Salesforce is inserted directly into the correct parts of any document.

Integrates with your current setup

Templafy integrates with both Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning.

Easily create sales contracts, quotes and product catalogs with up-to-date Salesforce information

Salesforce integrated with Templafy

Features at a glance

  • Import customer and contract data directly into your documents from Salesforce.
  • Pull data from your Templafy user profile into documents.
  • Create documents from inside Salesforce.
  • Automated document upload to the relevant location in Salesforce.
  • Automatically merge personal data and company details in each document.
  • Filter access to sales templates via Salesforce account access.
Take control

Keep your sales database and documents in perfect harmony

When you create a document using this integration, Templafy inserts the Salesforce data into the correct parts of the document template. Examples of the type of data inserted include account name, billing details, signature date, product information and the contract start and end dates, which can be form both standard fields and custom fields.

Additionally, even more advanced abilities can be enabled, such as detailed descriptions inserted into the contract based on selections made in Salesforce. For example, if you select services A and C to be included in the contract, detailed descriptions of those services will be automatically inserted into the document that is being created.