SharePoint x Templafy

Streamlined access to SharePoint content where it's needed most

Surface your static, business content assets stored in SharePoint within the actual productivity tools your employees create their work.

Connected document management

Leverage Templafy's SharePoint content connector to enhance your employees' document creation workflow


Embed Templafy into your employees' natural workflow with the activation of the Templafy library directly within SharePoint.

Similarly, surface SharePoint assets within the Templafy library to insert static content into the desired business document, presentation or spreadsheet.


Automate document assembly to ensure that documents are not only created with the correct metadata, personal and contextual information, but that they also stay up to date.

Share and send

Maintain SharePoint as your system of record by saving back the correct document information for data compliance across all systems.

Create business documents directly from Microsoft SharePoint

  • Strong integrations with other content systems. We know it’s important to play well with others. Templafy makes it easy to integrate with your DAM, CRM, CMS or other content storage solution.

  1. IT-compliant Technology. Once setup is complete, there is no need to bother IT with content requests. All updates and rollouts can be managed by your organization's content owners (whether that be a marketing, legal or brand steward).

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