Did you ever experience your Microsoft Word document simply E X P L O D I N G? 

Do you see a lot of your document tasks' moving in' with other software? 

Do you ever think – Word – HA! Not for me? Now is your chance to understand Microsoft Word on a deeper level.

Join Templafy and Omnidocs for a hands-on ground-up upskilling session in Word. The 101 part of this session is over in three minutes. From there, we will unfold the incredible opportunities you have with Word. We call it Word | From agenda to annual report.

And, most importantly, Get to know why Word and Templafy is a favorite with so many business professionals around the globe. Perhaps it is related to how your website downloads and client deliverables will reach new heights in design – even with no involvement from the design team.

Designers can be proactive about how design should unfold – subject matter experts can start, create, and finalize their documents – even if they are client-facing.

Key Topics:

🔹 Align your Word skills with your CV (white) lie. Finally, get to the super user level! (Three minutes ground-up upskilling)

🔹 Word <3 Tempafy

🔹 Integrating multimedia, charts, and tables.

🔹 Q&A

This webinar is your pathway to mastering Microsoft Word. Whether you're already a Templafy customer or simply interested in refining your document creation skills, this is your chance to boost your Word proficiency.

Register now and embark on your journey to document excellence!

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