Watch webinar: Drive better business results with SaaS Template Management

Templafy webinar featuring Forrester

Insights on SaaS

How to drive better results with SaaS template management

In this webinar, Forrester VP Principal Analyst Liz Herbert and Templafy Co-Founder Christian Lund look at how Software-as-a-Service drives better business results with template management in enterprises.

Webinar highlights:

  • Why SaaS produces better business results for template management.
  • Checklist for effective SaaS vendor selection.
  • 3 key reasons to consider SaaS for template management & document automation.


Meet the experts

Guest Speaker: Liz Herbert

As a Forrester Vice President & Principal Analyst, Liz focuses on the technology services industry, helping clients navigate this fast-changing market and maximize the business value of their technology investments.

Christian Lund

With more than 15 years of experience working with SaaS template management, Christian is a Co-founder of Templafy, an enterprise-grade template management platform validated world-wide by blue-chip customers.

55% of enterprises already invest in SaaS

Learn from enterprise technology expert, Liz Herbert, about why more than half of enterprises have already invested in SaaS as part of their digital transformation and why that number is rising.

SaaS is the missing link in enterprise business communication

In the webinar, Christian Lund explains how Templafy’s SaaS solution works through AccessibilityAutomation and Iteration to help enterprises gain back control over company business documents, presentations and emails. Connecting the missing link in enterprise communication is at the core of what Templafy does for enterprises.

SaaS is more than a deployment model. It’s the agile connecting force for enterprise IT infrastructure

Compared to on-premise systems, SaaS driven solutions can help bring all business content, assets, data, and services much closer to the user – exactly when and where it’s needed. Forrester found that Enterprise Content Management (ECM) SaaS adoption is rising at nearly 20% year-over-year.

SaaS template management empowers businesses

  • Business users, from all parts of the organization, are empowered to use the technology
  • Users can work faster and get tasks accomplished quicker – democratization of IT tasks such as reporting and building templates
  • Easier compliance, real-time access
  • Empowered business users can track impact and usage and make real-time decisions and improvement

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