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Templafy brand validator open in Powerpoint

Templafy helps BDO Norway’s 1,450 employees maintain a unified brand across documents and presentations produced in 70 different offices

BDO Norway is part of the BDO network of professional services providers, with over 65,000 employees worldwide. BDO Norway values local knowledge and working closely with its customers, which it does through 70 offices located throughout Norway.

Brand consistency is also vital to BDO Norway’s customer experience. However, they were having trouble ensuring that each of their offices used up-to-date document templates and digital assets whenever employees created documents and presentations.

On-brand presentation templates are easily accessed by employees using Templafy. Templafy fully integrates with BDO’s
digital asset management system, giving employees direct access to images without ever having to leave PowerPoint.

Why Templafy?

BDO Norway’s Marketing Manager, Caroline Wilander, explains:

“Prior to implementing Templafy, we had a variety of templates for Word and PowerPoint. Some templates were shared on our intranet, but many employees reused old presentations, reports and documents. This led to a high risk of inconsistency in how our company was presented externally, in terms of bids, proposals, reports, letters and presentations.”

Once BDO Norway started using Templafy, this all changed.

“Since implementing Templafy, all our employees have the same set of templates at hand when creating documents and presentations. This leads to a more consistent and professional profile, and ensures that our brand is easily recognized.”

Caroline Wilander,
Marketing Manager,
BDO Norway

Templafy document builder open in Microsoft Word The Templafy task pane in Word provides direct access to company content, including document templates, text elements, and images.

Templafy has given BDO Norway’s marketing team peace of mind when it comes to brand consistency and document productivity.
Wilander continues:

“I am happy to know that our brand is consistently presented across service lines and offices. In addition, developing presentations and documents is more efficient.”

BDO Norway finds Templafy’s Library and integration with their digital asset management system particularly beneficial because it makes it possible for employees to access everything they need to create on-brand documents, presentations, and emails directly within in MS Office.

“We know that all employees have access to updated and correct templates, and we save time by having our templates available when needed. Additionally, we know that all approved pictures are easily available, and that we are able to ensure that all disclaimers and general terms and information are updated on a regular basis.”

Caroline Wilander,
Marketing Manager,
BDO Norway

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