Case study

Global brand consistency with next gen document generation

  • Industry: Recruiting consultancy
  • Location: Sweden
  • Number of employees: 600+ employees

About Mercuri Urval

Founded in Sweden in 1967, Mercuri Urval is a leading global leadership acquisition and advisory firm dedicated to increasing success at work through the accurate selection and development of leaders.

With roots in academia and a strong emphasis on science-based executive recruitment and coaching, Mercuri Urval partners with over 3,000 companies in more than 60 countries across the globe in both the private and public sectors.

Today, Mercuri Urval’s 600+ employees work from more than 50 offices in Europe, Asia, and America.

There was no question that Templafy was a solution that would bring us much value. The very fast process we went through — from first contact, to internal sign-off, to roll out — speaks for itself.

Moa Wennlöf
Business Improvement Manager

When Mercuri Urval undertook a global brand refresh, they knew they needed a solution in place that would not only superpower their brand and drive business growth, but also protect them from non-compliant branded content production. With Templafy they were able to solve their three core challenges by standardizing access to branded assets and improving efficiency of content production across the organization.

Brand updates and templates were managed manually, meaning employees often used content — like email signatures — that were two or three versions out of date, negatively affecting the overall quality of shared material and in turn increasing risks to revenue.

Without a centralized solution that met them where they worked, employees lacked an efficient way to find up-to-date and on-brand content - spending hours searching, often without successful results.

Despite brand updates being the responsibility of their marketing teams, the IT department was the only one capable of company-wide rollouts, resulting in bottlenecks and delays.

What Mercuri Urval found with Templafy

With Templafy, Mercuri Urval has streamlined its document generation process by promoting the use of on-brand content like logos, descriptors, and templates — protecting itself from outdated and non-compliant content.

Now, employees are served the latest brand-approved content directly within the applications they already use. Automated processes mean high-quality, on-brand content is the only thing shared externally.

With a next gen document generation tool at their fingertips, teams get instant access to the latest and greatest brand content, allowing them to focus time and energy on the strategic work they're best at.

Instant distribution means that marketing and communications teams can seamlessly roll out brand updates without needing to bother the IT department -- allowing efficiency to increase across the organization. 

Most of our employees aren’t PowerPoint experts, and they spent a ton of time editing documents and proposals. Templafy removed that barrier and made it easy for all our employees to create on-brand, effective content.

Moa Wennlöf
Business Improvement Manager

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