Customer training webinar series with John Tiniakos and Saba Sayyed

Easily create bottom campaigns in email signatures without any prior knowledge of HTML.

Our training sessions are designed to:

  • Help new and existing users save time in their everyday work
  • Blue icon graph with upwards trendEnable the creation of better-performing email campaigns
  • Free up valuable time spent organizing internal training

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This training went above my expectations, it will help me in my future work. Thank you.

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Instructor clearly explained the great benefits of Templafy. There were a lot of great tips...Such cool features, excited to do so.

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Speaker was great, not boring at all. And the jokes were funny.

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Very helpful. Will absolutely help us save time. Thank you.

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Live training webinar series

The Email Campaign Creation Assistant

When HTML is needed for creating email campaigns, brand and marketing teams often find themselves wasting time trying to learn how to code or waiting for other teams to help them do it. With this new release, the teams responsible can now easily create and manage the campaigns.

The new enhanced UI makes it easy for anyone to select banners, adjust the size and add links ensuring quick execution with high quality.

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