Templafy generates captivating, on-brand, and company-approved pitch decks in a few clicks – all from inside PowerPoint.

Your company's next big win rides on one document: The perfect pitch deck.

Pitch decks are crucial for showcasing your value and winning clients and investors. But creating them manually is time-consuming and error-prone – too often resulting in outdated info, typos, and off-brand designs that damage your credibility.

Templafy's doc gen engine automatically populates your pitch with up-to-date information – like company statements, product details, and features – so your sales team can focus on what really matters: making connections and sealing deals. Read on to discover how.

Document automation statistics

The following statistics are based on a Templafy survey of 2,000+ employees from around the globe.

Infographic showing that 94% of workers regularly find mistakes in finalized content, based on a Templafy survey of over 2,000 employees worldwide.  Infographic highlighting that employees can save 30 days annually per employee through document automation, according to a Templafy survey of more than 2,000 global employees.  Infographic revealing that 62% of global workers report wasting time recreating content that may already exist, from a Templafy survey of over 2,000 employees around the world.

Generate captivating pitch decks that get you through the door

No more new apps 

Templafy integrates seamlessly with your existing workflow. Access company-approved AI tools from within your daily apps like PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, and Excel.

Pre-approved templates 

Access a library of pre-approved templates, slides, assets, and data, to ensure consistency, compliance and efficiency.

Cloud-based access

All users can effortlessly find current, on-brand, and legally compliant materials from the cloud, based on their access. Updates are rolled out in real-time, company-wide – ensuring consistent access to the latest resources.

Automatically input data 

Populate data fields automatically with centrally controlled, accurate, and compliant slides and assets – like pricing tables, company vision statements, and product information.

Find the perfect way to phrase it

Getting your point across has never been simpler. Use Templafy’s AI Assistant to Summarize, Rephrase, Elaborate, Translate and Improve your written content.

Create your own prompts 

Create and distribute customized prompt libraries that align to your company goals. Edit access based on user requirements.

Security and compliance

Cloud-based centralized storage systems ensure on-brand and legally compliant slides, presentations, and text elements are readily accessible for sales teams.

Security accreditation and certification

When it comes to document automation, security is non-negotiable. That’s why we don’t just meet industry regulation standards – we exceed them. 

Templafy is SOC II and ISO 27001 certified – so you can ensure that your data, privacy, and compliance requirements are rigorously upheld. 

You can read more about our security-first approach here.

How to generate a pitch deck with Templafy’s AI-powered document automation

  1. Choose your Template
    • Open PowerPoint, select "Template Library" from the toolbar, and choose a pre-approved pitch deck template, created by your admins.
  2. Watch Templafy generate your Pitch Deck
    • Answer a few quick questions to personalize the template for your customer, such as company name and industry.
    • Templafy generates an on-brand PowerPoint pitch deck. All data is pulled in real-time, ensuring up-to-date information like pricing and legal statements. All assets are managed by your company’s admins.
  3. Enhance your content with AI prompts
    • Start with Templafy’s pre-set text prompts: Summarize, Rephrase, Elaborate, and Improve for quicker and more effective writing.
    • Customize with unique, specialized prompts tailored to your company's needs and user context, such as “Answer security questions”, or “Fill up RFP form”.
  4. Perfect with Productivity tools
    • Finalize the document with the productivity tools. Templafy has 50+ features to clean and format your pitch deck fast, and check for errors before sharing.

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Pitch decks are just the tip of the iceberg

Templafy’s AI-powered solutions can generate all of your business documents – like proposals, contracts, quotes, engagement letters, reports – from inside the apps you use daily – like Office 365, Salesforce, and SharePoint.

Ready to create your next pitch in minutes?

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