Customer case

How Ramboll keeps its employees on brand

  • Industry: Engineering & design consulting
  • Location: 35 countries
  • Number of employees: 15,000

Ramboll case study

Founded in 1945, Ramboll is a leading engineering and design consulting company. Ramboll has 300 offices worldwide with 15,000 employees working on global projects ranging from transport and energy to management consulting.

As a large international company with dozens of offices spread across the globe, it became increasingly challenging for Ramboll to maintain a consistent corporate brand identity. The company had a template management system but all other marketing content, such as company presentations or text elements, were found on Ramboll’s intranet. The lack of centralization made it difficult for users to find the material needed to create on-brand company documents and presentations.

Senior Consultant in Corporate Branding, Roos Nederveen, recalls, “All our standard text elements about Ramboll were published on a small internal website in PDF format, but were difficult for employees to find and to use when creating various different communication material.”


Ramboll's solution

Now all the latest marketing content is available directly where it’s needed- within PowerPoint and Word. Roos adds, “With Templafy, it has become easy for Ramboll employees to directly import relevant company content into Word documents, such as reports and tenders. Furthermore, the slide library we have developed has been a huge time saver and very well received by employees. Now they are enabled to quickly create professional, on-brand slides, presentations and documents.”

With Templafy, there’s no need for Ramboll employees to google for images or icons that are likely off-brand. All 200+ branded icons and company infographics, as well as ready-made document templates, are now easy to find.

Templafy also helps Ramboll maintain a consistent brand through email signatures. The company’s previous email signature function depended very much on users actively generating it. Templafy ensures that the most up-to-date, on-brand email signatures are automatically applied to every employee email sent. This means email signatures are consistent across the company and don’t need to be manually added by employees.

Roos explains that, “Templafy provides a professional and centralized process for adding email signatures and banners. Our branding team can ensure that all banner campaigns are approved before they are added, and we can even filter them for specific areas in the company. Furthermore, we avoid the possibility of employees adding individual, off-brand emails signatures or campaigns.”

Before Templafy, distributing new content meant updating a template package, waiting for IT to roll it out and then waiting longer for it to be updated on all employees’ individual computers. The branding team at Ramboll can now instantly roll out updates to document templates, PowerPoint presentations, slides and email signatures across the entire company. Now Ramboll employees have access to document templates, text elements and images from within Microsoft Word.

The biggest change overall since implementing Templafy is an increased feeling of control over the documents and presentations used throughout Ramboll. It has become very easy for employees to use the most up-to-date slides and presentation layouts. We’ve received lots of positive feedback from users that Templafy saves them a lot of time, and the branding team can be more certain that content coming from Ramboll is in line with our brand guidelines.

Senior Consultant
Corporate Branding

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