Corporate branding and brand compliance

Templafy enables automatic brand consistency and brand compliance in every document produced across large and multi-brand companies. 

Templafy strengthens brand compliance across entire organizations 

Templafy’s platform, within minutes, updates documents across entire organizations, keeps everyone on-brand by default, and provides intuitive access to all company brand assets right from where it’s needed inside documents. 

Templafy integrates with existing brand management and DAM systems, bringing all company brand content together and makes access to on-brand materials intuitive via a portal inside Office and G Suite documents. Automation in base templates pulls in the correct brand assets and user information to ensure every document generated is automatically adhering to company brand standards. 

Introduce brand compliance with Templafy

Consolidate for smart access 

Integrate existing brand management and DAM systems and connect Templafy’s access portal to all brand assets inside Office and G Suite apps 

Update and distribute in real-time  

Templafy’s cloud platform means updates to assets happen in real-time while an easy Admin Center puts brand managers – not IT – in control of updates and distribution. 

Introduce auto-compliance

Templafy’s templates pull data from only the governed company sources, helping users build complex documents, like contracts or quotes, quickly.

The biggest change overall since implementing Templafy is an increased feeling of control over the documents and presentations used throughout Ramboll. Templafy saves our employees a lot of time, and the branding team can be more certain that content coming from Ramboll is in line with our brand guidelines.

Roos Nederveen
Roos Nederveen
Senior Consultant, Corporate Branding, Ramboll