Find out how document workflow automation can boost productivity, enhance accuracy, and free up your teams to focus on more strategic, high-value tasks.

It takes a village to create a truly impactful document.

In fact, all business documents require collaboration – to ensure they are on-brand, compliant, and aligned with business goals.

But, without document workflow automation, your teams are left to their own devices when it comes to managing documents – using tools like Slack and email to pass presentations, proposals, and contracts through their many stages of edit and approval

This lack of centralized control can lead to inconsistencies, errors, and diminished productivity.

Document workflow automation tools automate the creation, review, approval, and management of documents. By using predefined steps, set by the organization, these tools cut down on the resources needed for quality assurance and approvals – while handing control back to the organization

Read on to uncover the financial and productivity benefits of a great document workflow automation tool – and how to choose the right solution to maximize your business's ROI.

Document automation statistics

These statistics are based on a Templafy survey of 1,209 enterprise employees from the UK and US, based on their use of AI & automation in the workplace. Read the survey.

What is document workflow automation?

Document workflow automation involves leveraging technology to automate the creation, review, approval, and management of documents.

Document workflow automation software aims to eliminate manual and repetitive tasks enhancing efficiency, reducing errors, and ensuring document consistency throughout an organization.

Key features of document workflow automation tools

  1. Automated document creation
    • Automation tools can generate documents using pre-set templates and data inputs, ensuring uniformity and compliance with company standards. For instance, Templafy can auto-populate templates with the correct logos, legal disclaimers, and necessary elements based on the user's profile.
  2. Review and approval workflows
    • Automation tools streamline the review and approval process by routing documents to the appropriate stakeholders in a predefined sequence. This reduces manual follow-ups and speeds up the approval process.
  3. Content management and distribution
    • Centralized, cloud-based platforms like Templafy provide real-time updates and metadata distribution, ensuring all team members access the latest approved content. This helps maintain consistency and compliance across all documents.
  4. Error reduction
    • Automating document processes significantly reduces the risk of human error. Automated systems ensure that all documents adhere to regulatory and company standards,  minimizing compliance issues.
  5. Performance analytics
    • Advanced automation tools offer analytics and performance data, enabling organizations to monitor document engagement and effectiveness. This data helps in continuously refining workflows and enhancing document quality.

Why does my organization need document workflow automation software?

Document workflow automation is essential for modern businesses looking to optimize efficiency, reduce errors, and maintain consistency. Here are some reasons why your organization should consider implementing workflow automation software.

The benefits of document workflow automation

  • Improved efficiency: Automating document workflows speeds up processes by eliminating manual tasks, reducing approval bottlenecks, and ensuring real-time document tracking, allowing employees to focus on high-value tasks.
  • Higher security and compliance: Automated workflows enhance security, compliance, and auditability by implementing consistent protocols and automatic tracking, reducing the risk of data breaches.
  • Error reduction: Minimizes human errors and security risks by automating document handling processes, ensuring accurate and reliable outcomes.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Better control and consistency of company materials through automated workflows improve collaboration and maintain brand integrity.
  • Better client relations: More efficient processes free up time for client management, enabling teams to focus on delivering high-quality work and improving client satisfaction.
  • Happier employees: Reducing repetitive tasks through automation boosts employee satisfaction and engagement, allowing them to focus on more meaningful work.

How can Templafy help my organization manage its document workflow?

Seamless integration with your daily apps

Templafy seamlessly integrates with the tools you use every day, such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, and various CRM systems. This integration allows employees to leverage AI and automation to generate documents – without leaving their familiar applications.

Employees can access company-approved templates and assets directly within these daily apps, ensuring that your document workflows are efficient and uninterrupted.

Explore Templafy’s Integrations.

Centralized, cloud-based content management and distribution

Templafy is a cloud-based platform – so employees can access a centralized document repository that’s always up-to-date – from anywhere, at any time. Role-based access control allows admins to distribute access to a certain team or individual.

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GenAI you can trust

Templafy’s AI Assistant integrates AI safely within daily apps like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, automating document creation by generating text, correcting errors, and ensuring brand consistency. It reduces creation time while maintaining accuracy and compliance, allowing centralized management of AI use and protecting data security.

Explore Templafy’s AI Assistant.

50+ editing features to boost productivity

Templafy offers over 50 editing features that simplify document creation and ensure all materials are on-brand and error-free. Templafy integrates directly with PowerPoint – so users can make quick edits, link data from Excel, and automatically check for formatting and grammar issues, enhancing overall productivity. 

Explore Templafy’s Productivity Tools.

Document template management

Templafy’s document template management system centralizes the creation, storage, and distribution of document templates. This ensures that all employees are using the most current and compliant templates – reducing errors and enhancing productivity by simplifying the document creation process. 

Explore Templafy’s Template Management.

Enterprise-grade security

Templafy provides enterprise-grade security features such as role-based access control, encryption, and robust version control, ensuring the protection of sensitive information and maintaining regulatory compliance

Templafy surpasses industry standards with SOC III and ISO 27001 certifications, rigorously upholding your data, privacy, and compliance requirements. 

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Document workflow automation is a powerful tool that can transform how your organization manages documents. By implementing solutions like Templafy, you can enhance productivity, ensure consistency, and improve compliance – all while freeing your teams to focus on strategic, high-value tasks

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