Evergreen cloud solution for business document template management 

Templafy enables efficient management of all business document templates by adding automation to ensure complete brand and legal compliance.

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Templafy’s document templates save time and ensure accuracy

Templafy ensures the fast production of compliant documents by connecting company data to smart base templates that auto-populate based on official company data sources, including employee details.

Template automation drastically cuts the time it takes to create compliant-by-default documents, while eliminating the need to maintain large numbers of templates.

A faster document creation process with less maintenance and a more compliant outcome

Introduce auto-compliance 

Templafy’s templates pull data from only the governed company sources, helping users build complex documents, like contracts or quotes, quickly using only company-approved content for compliant-by-default documents. 

Speed up document creation 

Automation populates base templates using data from integrations with governed company sources, including DAM, CRM, DMS, reducing the manual work required to create perfect business documents. 

Eliminate large template numbers 

The adaptability of base templates that automatically populate with the correct logos, disclaimers and information relevant to the individual creating the document, including multiple profiles, means fewer templates to maintain.

We know that all employees have access to updated and correct templates, and we save time by having our templates available when needed. Additionally, we know that all approved pictures are easily available, and that we are able to ensure that all disclaimers and general terms and information are updated on a regular basis.

Caroline Wilander
Caroline Wilander
Marketing Manager, BDO Norway

The Templafy solution has meant I no longer have to spend as much time reviewing company documents and presentations for brand compliance. I can trust that employees have easy access to the most up to date templates and assets which is great.

Jessica David, Condeco
Jessica David
Marketing Executive, Condeco
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