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Design partners

What is a design referral partner?

A design referral partner’s core business comes from their brand strategy offering. Such a referral partner may take the form of a design studio, brand consultancy or digital agency. Templafy offers a unique and easy way to help increase the value of said brand strategy offering.

Become a Templafy partner

Why partner with Templafy?

Triple the commercial impact on your brand strategy offering

Protect your assets

Ensure the long-term correct use of new visual identities.

Protect your customers’ brand value by delivering a user-friendly solution that endures. By implementing Templafy, new visual identity assets will be used correctly throughout the organization.

Remove the headaches

Offer easy brand governance and company-wide font distribution.

Offer a solution that has been proven to simplify distribution and updates, make brand compliance intuitive, introduce smart automation, and remove the need for IT.

Maximize new revenues

Build new direct and derivative revenue streams.

Provide a financial incentive for any client introductions that result in business, as well as ongoing consultancy-as-a-service (CaaS) revenues.

IT partners

What is an IT referral partner?

A referral partner whose core business comes from providing the right solutions to their clients. Such a referral partner may take the form of a digital transformation and IT consultancy, a Microsoft Office trainer or an IT solutions and services provider. Templafy offers a chance to add an innovative and evergreen template management solution (TMS) to their solution portfolio.

Become a Templafy partner

Why partner with Templafy?

Triple the impact on your business


Deliver innovation to your clients with an evergreen solution.

Bring the next generation of SaaS governance to customers. Offer a solution that has been proven to simplify distribution and brand asset updates, make compliance intuitive, introduce smart automation, and reduce the burden on IT by up to 95%.

Digital opportunity

The global digital transformation market size is expected to grow by USD 500 billion in the next three years.

Major drivers of this include enhancing operational efficiency, increasing penetration of IoT and adoption of cloud services.

The cloud computing segment is expected to lead the digital transformation market during this period.

Maximize new revenues

Build new direct and derivative revenue streams.

Financial incentive for any client introductions that result in business.

Retain your clients as their needs change and gain ongoing revenue for Templafy-related Consultancy-as-a-Service (CaaS) projects.

Free marketing and access to our global partner network.

Implementation partners

What is an implementation partner?

Implementation agencies who develop MS Office templates and productivity tools, with the ability to certify personnel to configure and implement the Templafy platform for clients.

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Why partner with Templafy?

Direct revenue

As a full-service supplier, Templafy implementation partners receive commission and significant consultancy fees through implementing, configuring and deploying the Templafy platform and solution.

Derivative revenue & new consultancy projects


Our implementation partners receive new and additional Templafy related projects and tasks that they otherwise would not have received.

Interactive customer relationships

Ongoing insights into your client’s Templafy usage allow you to evaluate behavior, and create relevant upsell opportunities based on your client’s need.


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Become a Templafy partner

Meet our partners

Referral partners

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Pearlfisher is an independent brand design agency in London, New York, San Francisco and Copenhagen.
We are a visionary group of futurists, strategists, designers and realisers. By understanding, imagining and expressing change, we create simpler, lighter, more desirable ideas for the future. We design for life.

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Mande Holdings

A digital transformation consultancy based in South Africa, that specialises in transforming strategic business processes using innovative technology.

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Brandpie create purpose driven ideas that transform businesses, cultures and brands. They are the leading authority on how to use purpose to engage employees, build brands and unlock growth. Clients include EY, Astra Zeneca and Capgemini.

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Databoat accompanies development and change with qualified consultation, effective IT implementation and first-class services.

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Presentation Studio

Presentation Studio create engaging stories with presence.

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SwiftScale is a UK-based innovation exchange connecting senior business leaders & investors with interesting, relevant startups (and vice versa).

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Studio Dumbar

Studio Dumbar (part of Dept) is an international branding agency specialised in visual identity and communication design.

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Slidor is a PowerPoint design agency located in the heart of Paris. We are a results driven firm with a web and consulting based background. We combine creativity, technical know-how, and design principles to provide the best PowerPoint presentations on the market.

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Working at the intersection of brand and digital. We envision, design and build brands across platforms both digital and physical.


RR Donnelley

RRD is a leading global provider of multichannel solutions for marketing and business communications. Whatever the medium, message, size or screen, we connect your brand to your audience with an entire spectrum of integrated services and technology.

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Playtype is a type foundry counting more than 20 years of experience with crafting fonts for print and digital platforms. Our services include bespoke typefaces for global brands and an extensive online library of fonts available to individuals, graphic designers and businesses.

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e-Types is a Copenhagen based brand agency. We build successful brands based on sharp insights, award winning aesthetics and big ideas. We believe the best solutions are the simplest ones, and the most desirable brands are the ones that ring true. So whether it’s developing a visual identity, communication, film or digital experiences, we create brands that move people.


Integration and technology partners

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Bynder is award-winning marketing software that allows brands to easily create, find and use content, such as documents, graphics and videos. Bynder is established globally with headquarters in Amsterdam and offices across the Netherlands, UK, US, Spain and UAE.

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iManage transforms how professionals in legal, accounting and financial services get work done by combining the power of artificial intelligence with market leading document and email management.

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Brandworkz is a cloud-based brand management platform for marketers. A centralised portal, Brandworkz is designed to be the content hub of your marketing ecosystem. It allows users to share marketing content, create and edit artwork, collaborate with colleagues globally and buy into the brand promise.

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IntelligenceBank is the leading marketing operations platform. Designed by marketers for marketers – we help brands streamline content management, brand compliance and marketing operations.

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Isn't it time you understood your brand's potential? Move beyond the basics with Brandfolder's premium solution built to help you understand your brand value.

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Box is an enterprise content management platform that solves simple and complex challenges, from sharing and accessing files on mobile devices to sophisticated business processes like data governance and retention.

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BrandMaster, provider of marketing and brand management solutions. We provide online digital technology for customers who need marketing and brand management solution tools for decreased time-to-market, increased control and reduced marketing expenses.

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Our mission at Colourbox is to ensure that all Colourbox customers enjoy freedom and flexibility with any product they buy. Our suppliers are making this achievable and they ensure that we can offer a huge variety of relevant and diverse content.

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Getty Image Media Manager

Store, manage and share your digital assets online - all in one place. Spend less time on administration and more time on your business.

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Cloud based DAM Solution. Store all your company’s images, videos and digital files easily and securely in our online image bank.

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All your company’s images in one safe place.

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Work better, more safely, together. Dropbox simplifies your work, with a central place to access and share files.

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The best free stock photos and videos shared by talented creators.

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The noun project

Over 2 million curated icons, created by a global community.

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The internet’s source of freely useable images. Powered by creators everywhere.

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Iconfinder provides high-quality icons to millions of creative professionals. Together with a passionate community of icon designers, we are building the world's most popular icon site.

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As an enterprise-level DAM solution, Cumulus uses sophisticated metadata information for you to store, search, sort, and track changes, and enables you to publish your brand assets on multiple platforms and channels.

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Workfront is the first modern work management application that connects enterprise work, collaboration, and digital content into an operational system of record.

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Kadanza is a brand asset and media management platform developed by designers, delivered by branding experts. Control brand integrity with powerful DAM-driven distribution of assets and documents. Enforce brand consistency with user-friendly smart templates for print, packaging, signage and web. Promote brand advocacy through guidance, custom workflows, user management and online support.

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Aprimo provides technology solutions for content, operations and performance that enable enterprises to optimize their brand experiences and the resources they use to deliver them. Our platform gives enterprises the advantage by streamlining and governing all the behind-the-scenes activities – from ideation to distribution – involved in delivering exceptional brand experiences.

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Papirfly is a simple, smart way to manage and deliver your global brand. Our software guarantees global brand consistency and considerable cost and time savings.
Come on the journey with us. Imagine where your brand activation could go.


Implementation partners

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SkabelonDesign is the leading expert in Templafy implementations, with more than 200 successful projects. SkabelonDesign has more than 15 years of experience in helping over 1000 customers be productive and on-brand while working with Microsoft office.

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Brochet templates and tools save time. They help users to quickly and reliably produce high quality, professional and consistently branded documents and presentations using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

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Red Pony

Red Pony provides writing, editing and training, as well as consultancy services in communications and Microsoft Office template creation.

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VIM Group

VIM Group helps organisations analyse, organise and implement brand change and improve brand performance.

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OfficeConsult specializes in the development of templates and extended functionality in Microsoft Office and other productivity suites.

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Presentation Solutions

Presentation Solutions is transforming the way professional service firms produce client documents, such as pitches, reports and presentations.

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Spektra is a software and consulting company in Iceland that focuses on Microsoft products, offering ready-to-use as well as custom solutions on top of SharePoint.

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JSR is a specialist on Microsoft Office 365 and Project Online. They help move customers forward with best practice solutions.

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Mediasterling helps clients generate perfect content. It has over 18 years of experience implementing design-driven technology solutions for financial and professional services firms via Microsoft platforms.

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Ripped Orange

Ripped Orange has been helping businesses get more from their computing systems since 2001. Our team of experienced trainers in New Zealand don’t just know the technology, they understand how to apply it to your business.

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Inscale has been providing expert advice and conceptual expertise in PowerPoint for over 17 years. Working with clients such as Lufthansa, Hyundai, Bayer, Red Bull, and more, Inscale focuses on PowerPoint presentations, movies, graphics, and corporate presentation design.

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Learningpoint creates templates and Microsoft Office solutions that extend and customize the Office environment. Our product line offers a wide variety of solutions that enhance the working experience in Office and help users to create documents in a more swift and easy manner.

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Doclogic is an implementation partner and reseller in the field of digital information processing software. Doclogic brings together the knowledge areas of automation, management and digitization.


Sales agents and resellers