Stay ahead of the digital curve - Future-proof law firm document assembly and template management

The digital landscape of document assembly and template management is in the middle of a massive transformation. Templafy is working with some of the largest law firms in the world to equip them for the future changes. This way, they can ensure that every single document produced in the organization is always fully compliant and at the highest level of accuracy.

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Eliminate the Most Common Challenges When Producing Legal Documents

Homegrown and out-dated on-premise solutions

Law firms are right now facing renewal of their document- and asset management infrastructure to meet the modern day standards. Templafy, ensures that all documents, assets and templates are always available to all employees.

Time wasted on creating documents from scratch

Our document assembly software for lawyers automates the creation of complex documents. With Templafy, you can therefore build complex documents such as agreements, deeds and contracts faster and more accurately.

Incompliance and outdated information

With Templafy, you can trust that the information in your templates is always correct and up-to-date. The latest versions of legal disclaimers, templates and document assets can easily be updated and rolled out to the entire organization.

This is How the Largest Legal Firms Stay Ahead of the Digital Transformation

1) Document Automation

Streamlined production of complex documents such as contracts, agreements and deeds. Templafy is a perfect document assembly software for law firms

2) Brand & Content Validation

Documents are automatically checked for brand assets like fonts, company colors, disclaimers and logos and updated accordingly.

3) Dynamic Personalization

Company templates are automatically personalized with individual employee details to ensure consistent and accurate information.

1) Document Automation - Document Assembly Software for Law Firms

Reduce time when creating complex documents. Templafy Builder automates the creation of repetitive and complex documents.

Automate document production with Templafy Builder – your employees will spend minimum time and gain maximum compliance.

Document automation
Employees easily create deeds, contracts, agreements and other complex documents via simple forms right within Word and PowerPoint.

Building blocks
Centrally managed text snippets, charts, tables etc. are easily available for all employees – right within PowerPoint and Word.

2) Brand & Content Validation - Ensure All Documents Are On-Brand and Legally Compliant

Validate reused documents with Templafy BrandChecker and ensure all documents (both new and reused) are always up-to-date according to the latest brand guidelines and legal standards.

Brand validation
Brand assets like fonts, company colors and logos are automatically checked for compliance and updated accordingly.

Content validation
When documents are reused from a desktop, all company-owned document content is automatically validated against the latest versions.

3) Dynamic Personalization - All Company Templates Automatically Adapt to Each Individual Employee

Dynamic Template Manager functionality auto-fill relevant employee details into the template, saving time and ensuring up-to-date and correct information. One single user can have multiple user profiles, enabeling them to work from different locations or write on the behalf of a colleague.

Dynamic templates
All company templates automatically adapt to individual employee profiles combining up-to-date company details and personal information.

Automated compliance
Centrally managed legal disclaimers and branding are dynamically applied to every single document.

Multiple user profiles
Switch between profiles to work from different offices and regions or write on behalf of colleagues.

Ensure accuracy in every document created by any employee - now and in the future

Future-proof cloud-platform with the security of an on-premise solution

Law firms use a wide range of software for legal documents to manage all of their digital content and streamline document creation. Many of these systems are outdated and too stiff to meet the requirements and flexibility that employees need. We have build a solution that can bring your template and document management up to speed.

Integrates with the DMS and DAM systems your company is already using

Templafy seamlessly integrates with your DMS and DAM systems, such as iManage (formerly HP WorkSite), adding value to the usability and compliance of your whole document management infrastructure. And the best thing is, we make your current tools available right inside of the office applications where your employees need them.

Works online and offline on all devices providing the flexibility today's lawyers need

Today’s lawyers need their productivity tools to work online as well as offline and, most importantly, on all the devices. We acknowledge this need and the shift in law firm technology trends. Templafy is therefore build to work both online, offline and on mobile devices.

Templafy is not one-size-fits-all - you can tailor it according to your needs

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Templafy integrates with your existing infrastructure

Templafy is integrated directly in Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook and let’s you connent to all your existing document and asset management systems.

Integrations include iManage, Box, Cumulus, Getty Images, DropBox, OneDrive, SharePoint, Bynder and more. – and custom integrations are possible on request.

With Templafy, users will never have to leave the Office platform to search for centent or templates maximising productivity and ensuring full compliance.

Companies All Over the World Already Invest In Future Proof Document Solutions

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