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Our core values

Big thinking

We’ve solved the problem of Document Anarchy and we want to make sure the businesses who need it most – i.e. the multi-national, multi-language, multi-brand and multi-jurisdictional enterprises – know about it.

Honest and secure

There’s no messing about with this one – ensuring our clients trust us and our product is crucial. We always aim to build strong and transparent relationships that demonstrate our commitment to security. Transparency and accountability are also what makes Templafy's team work so well together.

Keeping it simple, but smart

Developing software with a focus on the user – on what will be the easiest and most efficient experience for them – is what makes our solution so powerful. And it’s a philosophy we carry over to all parts of our business.

Making room for everyone

We’re big believers in diversity and flexibility. Understanding and support is fundamental to our operations, from our hiring practices and how we run our own business, to the adaptability we offer
our clients.

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